Unreleased (2011​-​2014)

by Zack de la Rouda

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(free) 02:38


released March 13, 2014



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Zack de la Rouda Portland, Maine

i write songs and rap about weird stuff like love self-actualization civilization depression anarchism and taoism i like to eat from the garbage even though it's kinda hard to find organic stuff there i spend a lot of time alone somehow i am still releasing music ... more

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Track Name: The Greatest Mistake (2014)
“I don't know” are three of the globe's most potent words ever written.
It seems like when you're speaking 'em with your vocals
and can see there's room to grow, you increase the possibility of hopefulness.
We ain't gotta be convinced of nothingness to just
go with the flow of the river that we're floating in.
We could temper any weather once we could come together -
the question is if we're snowflakes in the blowing wind
or sown seeds, set in lines, kept in rows.
Ironic we can't see we got a role in life. Ra is calling us to glow bright
like a coal. I know y'all got fire stored up deep inside of your soul.
Like a totem pole or a beanstalk, let's stand up straight.
It's kinda hard to shape your destiny that you been handed, ain't it?
But that's not a reason to be half awake.
We're sleepwalking through our sweetest moments.

Cause if we don't wanna change then we're always the same.
Y'all want to talk about missed opportunities? That'd be the greatest mistake.
Just don't hesitate. There's not a moment to waste. By the grace of God,
you gon' have to change a lot, or else you'll make the greatest mistake.

We may have a dream, but to make it happen in reality's another thing.
Gotta work hard like the team coach.
I've fallen off my wagon, set fire to it, still trying,
follow Zion from the mountain to the sea coast.
Let's heed the omens that unfold; the spirits gonna tell us where to go,
if you have ears, let 'em ring. We need goals just get up out this hole,
if you have hands, dig 'em in, let us sing.
Mile O, gotta move forward.
Time don't stop tick-tocking, gotta grind till the sun up.
Climb to the top and you gon' find no wonder;
they got rhyme and reason locked up in the sky. Bah, humbug.
If everything is gon' come, what you gon' do?
Get up out the doldrums. Roll through the tollbooth.
Face facts; always say and ask for the whole truth.
Chuck what they sold you. Fuck what they told you.


If we're guilty till innocence is proven then I'm into self-improvement
but I never met a plan that was foolproof, cause for a sure shift
it can't be a short shrift. What do you do when the court is the culprit?
Said, are we more fit for the dirt or for the pulpit?
Pick from the fork in the road quick. I took a hard look at
the world figures and said, “Oh, shit, the ship is gonna sink and it's hopeless,”
and what this means is, we gon' have to be what we need
as far as lifeboats, dig? On that middle-of-the-night-flare-light-type tip,
people screaming and I'm thinking, “Christ, I might slip.”
Tight grip on the rope as we lower to the ocean;
head already swimming and my stomach getting so sick,
but I'm stuck still like a guard at my post.
I could never let go cause I made a change long ago.

Track Name: Can Not Be (2013)
If you've gotten lost in the forest,
off the course you were walking,
don't mourn, cause its all good.
Just say, “C'est la vie.”
Sure, maybe it's a war that had fought in,
or a storm you are caught in -
If the sun's gone you may not see.
Still, gotta be grateful - never not thankful:
life is a gift God gave for free,
and you never could give up, because a quitter
is a thing that you cannot be.

You cannot be that, I mean it.
You really need to begin taking care of
all your needs that haven't been met.
Finally I how: everything is the Tao.
Get it set in stone in your mind like it's cement.
You cannot be seventy, regretting everything
you did when you were seventeen.
Let the past pass. Your path's so heavenly.
You're not Hamlet, dammit, you should be getting sleep.
So just meditate: in my head no ugly scenes.
Plus, medicate. You know I be puffing trees,
reading books, studying, chilling with my buddies,
my M.O. be making love over money.
You've gotta think it's funny:
we struggle through our suffering
just to get that joyful feeling of accomplishment.
Get it in memory if it's going terribly:
life is a Ferris wheel.
Bottom goes back to the top.


I cannot be lazy. Let my time waste, nah, what, you think I'm crazy?
Facing off a crisis the likes of which we ain't never seen,
I persist. We gon' fight for the opposite of slavery.
Always be creating: making great music.
Even if the muse is late, patience on my plate
like I'm prudent. A student of poetry,
flow like rivers to oceans, I am a seed, digging deep
and I'm growing. But am I done? Not yet. I never stop,
bet, I'm a work in progress and I'm feeling Jah blessed.
Taking shots at possible opportunities,
hope that they prove to be awesome,
honoring continuity. Never be doin' just nothing.
been stuck up in this dumb rut of the same thing;
change like in a bum's cup's what's gon' save me.
I'm unafraid though the pain stings,
cause not brave is a thing that you can't be.

Track Name: Beware (2014)
stare into the sun - compare it to the stars, and it's obvious:
we're all drops in this ocean,
gathered by hand.
every moment look small
as a clock tick -
and gone fast as a shot licked,
scattered like sand…
so i never could stop with my stop-sits
i'm copping thoughts from the gods
when i meditate well
and you never could tell
that i'm not big
the way i talk like it's on lock
so yall better beware

from my house in that hole in the ground in the woods
back to babylon, i left the score settled wrong,
up in the mountains i been coming out,
no brokeback, my back broke, my spirit Heath Ledger post-batman role
wondering how we get along with pent-up rage at the ways that we get ignored
and no doubt i am down with the tao
on the downlow though there are days that i pray for more
speak facts, break norms, can’t hold back,
practiced rap, got good form, gimme that much -
but i'm so stuck, torn between darkness and light,
try to stay in both worlds like abraxas -
i saw my old girl, asked, is she still waiting, (slaving)
paying check to check off all them stacked bills?
she said, "boy, you already know it,
and ain't you gone crazy living out in the sticks still?"
had to say yes
though it doesn't make sense
i coulda sworn i was destined for greatness
must have misplaced my map at some point
now i'm falling in the forest and i don't know if i'm making noise
existential questions from a mental adolescent
with the wisdom of the ages it's a shame i can't accept it
i'm getting wild edibles
taking time to chill sniffing irises and marigolds i found myself
finally confident enough to let my competence abound,
watch out what i'm bout to build
i'll be the talk of any town get 'em arguing about
whether or not i'm a clown or a prophet
better beware
Track Name: Salad Ballad (2012)
yeah.. ain't no shame to be out of shape...
ain't no way to explain the weight...
but we can change what's on the plate!

[verse 1]
hey... hey...!
please, listen to me.
am i wrong if i say we got a problem with the way we eat?
our waists large, brain small; junk food in the jaws of the babies, yeesh!
this is crazy, see...
we spend cash on this awful nutrition,
then we eat it fast in our cars, not our kitchens,
and large companies'll profit from this sickness, man..
we all caught in a prison.
but i got it figured:
it's all about a balance,
so now healthy living is an honorable challenge.
gifts from the earth like the mist from a fountain.
i'll hum a love ballad for my lunch salad!

and y'all could hum along cause the song is true
if you wanna get strong, gotta watch what you chew
I choose vegetables and fruits
choose vegetables and fruits
y'all could sing along cause the song is true
if you wanna get strong, gotta watch what you chew
i only choose vegetables and fruits

[verse 2]
i choose mad lettuce, kale, mesclun, arugula,
red and white cabbages, celery, cucumbers
broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, ginger
onions, garlic, peppers, spinach
avocados and olives, and apples, and some cashews
raisins, and tomatoes, and radishes, and pistachios
oil and vinegar as dressing for a finisher
wait - before you dig in just maybe you wanna mix it up - great.
it look delicious, it's proper for lunch and dinner
it's the salad that you needed all along but wasn't missing
we could battle the sickness of all this bad food
with two main weapons: fruits and vegetables.

Track Name: Forest Gump (2012)
we are members of a species of organism that's 2 million years old,
so why's it seem like we're stuck between amoebas and fungus
with the other bottom-feeders at the top of the pyramid?
i remember when we used to pretend, now we try to force it
but we're too numb to give love or feel hope
we been scared into the system by our fear of failure just like
everyone else who ain't dead, in jail or still whole
look: what we'd been given by the gods was complete.
our life on planet earth wasn't bad, by comparison
to now, when some rich folks have some comfort luxuries,
but famine plagues the masses,
and a crash is inevitable.
the main problem is our peer group is unconscious.
we've been brought up by the pedagogues to not confront these conflicts.
they want us to concentrate on chasing paper, which we are,
and they just want our complacency to stay, and so we follow each other
like lemmings off the cliff, it don't matter.
in the end we'll all be dead and so we honor bliss and laughter.
we shut our eyes and our ears to the problems we've contracted,
say, "we'll all die in a few years, so why worry about this plastic in the water?"
i'm crying tears for the abominable disaster that we've brought upon ourselves.
i've swallowed the red pill.
yeah, i'd rather die fighting for life than wallowing in hell.
and i'd rather play in mud that stay stuck polishing my cell.

humans evolved to live in nomadic gatherer-hunter tribes
and this is how undomesticated ones still live their lives.
for 99.99% of all time we were wild;
only 12,000 years ago did some of us get "civilized."
what this means is we built cities.
a city is a settlement whose population is so large that resources are imported.
jobs must be created so that currency's distributed.
the first walls ever built on earth were not around the limits of the city,
but rather they were built around the granaries,
to act as a deterrent to would-be thieves who'd ruin everything,
cause if food was free we wouldn't need money.
we wouldn't need factories.
if food was free, we'd be happy.
we'd be back in the garden of eden.
Marshall Sahlins wrote "The Original Affluent Society,"
an essay detailing differences between the wild and the civilized
which you should read.
it's more relevant now than it used to be.
our ship is sinking, and before we drown,
i'm contemplating mutiny.
the captains steer in nudity,
the chaplains staring lewdly.
it's clear i have to prove to each of you that y'all are crucial,
but i can't.
that's the challenge for yourself to overcome
you must recognize how much we have to help or else we're done
we must acknowledge that this earth is all that we have got
and that the crash could come at any second; for some, the ax has dropped.
just look at all these giant storms, huh?
and then define "apocalypse."
then talk to me when you lost your whole world like those in Joplin did.
no, i am not just talking shit.
go google "John Zerzan"
or sit back and wait
and then watch when the tsunami hits.

what we need is consciousness.
we can overcome this mess.
we "Make Smart Cool"
and propagate self-confidence
and self-sustainability.
growing food,
got it cheap.
robin hood, lotta good.
let's all get us really free.
let's all please stop pillaging our homes and start "Rewilding."
google "Permaculture," then turn your lawn into thriving sea of edible ecology.
hunger for this knowledge.
we're young and if we work hard now we're on the path to harmony with everything.

we'll be beyond the way this used to be,
with no scarred forests, no starving seas
no mountaintop removal projects funded by abuse,
maybe instead a hundred thousand gardens stewarded by our descendants' views.
which could bear the fruits of honesty and justice over knowledge,
and truth would be our promised creed.
we'd bury our greed beneath our hatchets and become model leaders,
cause tribal life can bottle evil,
and then it's not about disease - it's character that no one tries to heal.
and crime would disappear if we all got the things we need
like a true feeling of safety and security in community,
like healthy food that tastes good without the salt or sugar,
and clean water to drink that isn't lead-laden or real polluted,
air to breathe that's not toxic,
a clear conscience,
soulful music -
all of this comes natural to humans who involve the planet in their planning.
our family surrounds us.
we really could be primal
and it really could be powerful.
i'm glad to play the reverend to remind all of my friends about the magic we've abandoned
but i am not your council...

you are.
you can plan the outcome.
you can look inside your self, ask the forests and your gods and meditate,
and work hard to find out what you were brought down for.
then you can try to help attract the forces from the well of fate,
hesitate not, fear not, and know you are the alchemist.
you can overthrow the throne,
and make the fountains flow with gold
the original skills we used to hold will make our heads unimprisonable just as soon as we get to know to the flow of energy that's been here forever,
we've forgotten but we will remember
that everything that is can think and sing
yes, even the rocks and rivers
yes, even the tops of trees will whisper truth
when the wind makes their branches quiver
listen, you could hear it too.
when the reeds sway in the breeze
they say, the peace in everything will be released when we cut the chains.
we'll reconvene when we drop the reigns.

because there is darkness the light
and the difference is the same
and the way that can be named is not the eternal way
but civilization as form of human social organization
can never be sustained.

now we're lost amid the swirl of our concocted history,
dumped into a garbage heap and told that's how it's supposed to be,
dumb cause of the fact our education system's flawed
and we all do wanna run off far, huh?

forest gump.
Track Name: Thanks And Praise (2013)
i ain't just a man on this godforsaken planet
i'm a blade of grass
i'm a grain of sand
i'm a drop of water at the bottom of the ocean
i know i'm nothing if i'm not part the land
i am the canopy underneath the afternoon sun
and the jungle floor covered with rubbish
i'm the lightning and thundercloud clapping when the monsoon come
i'm the quiet of the morning when the monsoon gone
i know that part of me is coming from the stars i see up above my head
and i ain't nothing if not part of them
i know that all of us are family, connected like infinity
and so i try to be the god within
i'm tryna tell y'all
sacred is what we are
we don't have to slaves
babylon the failure
when i'm kicking it
i really hope you're listening
i am only rapping tryna get you people thinking just a little bit
yeah this is hell
television is the jailer
but heaven-sent
is the wilderness for real y'all
i'm tryna open up your eyes
and open your mind
i hope you see the light cause if not you're going blind
we're not societies
underneath these deities
watching as we kneel to them
man, we're all a bunch of self-domesticated animals
we used to have freedom but now we're killing it
we're not people
we are the things we eat
we are blood and oil
we're rivers and trees
we're the wild rabbits and the fattened-up beef and chicken
that we buy in the markets and then eat for dinner
the world is a factory
the world is a perfect gift from your majesty
everything is how it has to be
all i'm tryna give is thanks and praise and ask for peace