This Guy I Know prod. TGIK (2014)

by Zack de la Rouda

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"Songs Of Myself," after Walt Whitman, was the original working title for this album entirely produced by T.G.I.K., a.k.a. This Guy I Know from Chicago; many of these songs were written intended to contain words of encouragement for myself and others who slog through The Struggle. Many of these songs talk about civilization, society, politics, and god; I maintain that my music is non-denominational. I offer these songs humbly to whomever may still be listening with the modest hope that they may be valued and appreciated.

I'll be back in the woods this summer. Those who know how to reach me may be able to do so.

Thank you all,
with only love from,

Zack de la Rouda


released June 21, 2016

produced by T.G.I.K. aka This Guy I Know‎

all lyrics and vocals by Zack de la Rouda
(except: spoken word pieces from "Live Forever," by Hermann Hesse)




Zack de la Rouda Portland, Maine

i write songs and rap about weird stuff like love self-actualization civilization depression anarchism and taoism i like to eat from the garbage even though it's kinda hard to find organic stuff there i spend a lot of time alone somehow i am still releasing music ... more

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Track Name: Begin
When we get where we’re going
we’ll be where we’ve been.
If this wagon gets broken
we’ll fix it again.
We just gon keep flowing
down in that river we swim in.
Don’t have no destination,
don’t have no middle or end.
We don’t know where to begin.

I don't need know where to begin;
I’m rowing my boat
flowing with the current of river.
I’m open to the omen of moment
and follow it only hoping that I’m going where I’ll get.
That’s a given.
Honed in on my goals.
I got em set, and I’m headed direct like a homing pigeon;
better the yet the pony express.
In fact I’m so fast I was there and back already.
I’m ready for whatever.
Don’t lost in the maze,
carrying the weight like a Chomolungma Sherpa probably hurts a little bit,
but it gonna bring you strength.
Every summit that we wanna send
we gotta work to get it so I’m following in the steps of Edmund Hillary. (Everest!)
If it’s heavier it’s better. It’s an opportunity for exercise, physical or mental.
Fiddle with the pencil, let a little bit of divinity trickle through your headphones.
I’m just a vessel for the message.


We just tryna maintain and continue
cause every day is the same thing but it’s different
and all we have we’re the path that we’re walking on now.
I’ll be damned where the finish is.
What i’m asking is, who’s walking parallel?
Forks in the road, gotta deal with the hand you dealt
cause when the chips are down even if you’re in or out
you’re still living. You should be very proud.
I’m blaring loud on the horn
telling y’all y’all keep on keeping on.
Gotta stay strong even if it not happen how you want
cause life’s not a fairy tale that we’re being told.
Hold steady
You could move mountains;
even if you think you’re not ready,
don’t doubt yourself.
I figured out the code.
I’m gon tell you:
love is the common denominator for everybody.

Track Name: Song Of Myself
Welcome back.
From the Garden of Eden,
it’s Zack de la Rouda.
God’s still talking to me, man,
so I offer the truth to you:
I’m going off like a bomb, a shot, or an alarm clock,
honoring trees -
the authorities calling it treasonous -
but I know they’re deceiving us,
and the wolf that you wanna be feeding wins.
Ain’t it so easy, kids?
Love is alive - your heart’s beating, isn’t it?
Look up in the sky - ain’t the breeze blowing it?
Your feet muddy as mine - ain’t the keys to wisdom always be within us?
Breathe a minute. Meditate:
if it’s gravy, eat a bit of it.
Is it illegitimate to enjoy living
even though we need resistance to the evil system?
Nah, I call BS.
I could not believe this is the only reason
we’ve been given the gift of the present moment to exist in.
If we want freedom we should probably be focusing on getting it.
Can’t come up short of the distance.
Gotta work hard in the picture I’m envisioning.
Tell me, if you dig with a shovel or your fingertips,
and you really feel it you could sing it with me:

I am a grass leaf
I am a rock on a hill
I am the glass beach
I am a pocket of air
I am the vast sea right at the bottom of it
I’m on that massive peak high on the spine of the summit
We feel the heart of the world
We wanna offer our help
And where its falling apart
We wanna rebuild
I been talking to god
Cause i been walking by hell
I read the bible by walt
It's called song of myself

Moving along.
Knife, ax and a saw.
Shelter, water, fire, food in that order.
I got my back to the wall when I camp.
Moonlight guide for the path that I walk
and the coal burn bright when its kept in my palm.
Gone all night through the dark till the dawn,
not gonna pause even if i really wanna.
Got a goal set and i'm going for the gold.
I don’t know yet but i hope i’m going home.
Never gonna give a percentage less than a hundred
got a good work ethic. that's what lesson one is
Look, lately i been running from problems
But i'm gonna conquer them like a conquest,
sure as any prophet.
All i really wanna be is honest
when i come through like a promise.
We could all be marathon runners.
What was it you wanted?
Never forget about your tomorrows.
You gotta stay up like a top or you gonna hit bottom.
This is a song for myself that i'm gon sing
when i’m struggling
under the thumb of big brother and the government.
See if you follow this:
to quote Muhammad from the Book Of Islam he said that Allah what you call god cause it’s “allah dis.”

Track Name: Alarm Clock
I’m an alarm clock,
tryna wake you up.
You could tell me to quit,
but you don’t want me to stop.
I’m an alarm clock.
I gotta wake you up.
I get so turned off.
It’s a labor of love.

I couldn’t stop rapping even if I wanted to,
enough slacking I could see I got a job to do.
I try to stay humble even though it’s obvious,
god brought me down to earth to be an oracle.
a fortune teller talking bout the future like i’m doc,
my delorean parked around the block with marty in it.
hardly written i’ve been handed these lyrics from down on high.
i been tryna write the chronicle of we’re gonna rise
to the challenge, i see it coming like a calendar
my people bout to rally like the calvary of camelot round babylon
i spy the finish like a marathon or sweden
we won’t be defeated like sinise in forrest gump
you thought i’d given up? i just evolved like us all
became an eagle from a scorpion
now i’m talking to the audience, tryna wake ‘em up
nobody wanna hear it like alarm clocks going off


i’m so loud they tell me to tone it down
i tell ‘em no one gon listen if i whisper so i shout
i have to talk about it, it actually is accurate factually like gravity
apple to the ground, let me ask around
what do we think that we have figured out?
we’re better than everybody cause cities let us live like crowned kings?
that’s astounding. we wanna conquer the galaxy but i’m doubting it
we gotta stay grounded, let’s go back to equality
when we lived in harmony in the garden of eden
and move onward. make our modern knowledge ecological
i’m not pol pot but cities are the problem plain and simple.
i paint a picture of a sinking ship.
before we’re swimming in the drink, think we should reconsider civilization…
i can’t be fake. to escape from the land of the snakes
we gotta get awake


try to take it one day at a time
gotta stay sane while ya playing the game, it’s a grind
yeah i feel pain but they ask me, i say that i’m fine
cause it’s choice that i made like a frame of mind
to quote werner herzog the poet musn’t avert their eyes
mines wide bearing witness to the worst of crimes
i fertilize seeds planted verbally
move you vertically in other words i could get you high
what you dreaming bout? speak about it
tell me every scene
realize it we should make it real in reality
stop sleeping
like the princess and the pea
you know we’re all slaves till each prisoner is free
and if that seems like a tall order from the top office
know if you not a part of the solution it’s a problem
i acknowledge hard work is nature of the job
i’m an alarm clock
i gotta wake y’all up

Track Name: Madness
I’m trapped with the madness
and I have to admit it.
Don’t get it twisted, I’m not passive.
I’m pissed about all of the bad shit.
And I’m destined for happiness…!
And I have to admit it.
Don’t get it twisted - I’m not passive
I’m too blessed.

Ay, it’s Zack de la Rouda, y’all, blast the computers.
When I rage on machines it’s the battle of the universe.
Smack to the face like a sack of smelly buddha -
Michael J Fox, get you back to the future.
Crack to the user.
I attack the abuser, when I rap
it’s a wrap like a package from the UPS
I spit facts when I hit ‘em with the truthfulness
So were you listening?
Tell me what the dude just said…
When i maneuver my movement is super crucial
I smoothly approach an obstacle and squash it like’s nothing
I’m ruminating on thoughts most scholars couldn’t comprehend
You don’t understand? Tell me what else on the earth is new.
The government got the upper hand?
I don’t give a fuck
Let’s occupy again
This time we’ll annihilate the snakes in the lion’s den


Like, bad things happening
I stay mad about it
I don’t do a lot to fix it but it rap about it
That sounds silly and it really is feel me though -
What’s a better reason for a kid to try to spit it a flow?
I wanna wake the game up, what you me play me for?
I’m david dunn to the hate: unbreakable
I ain’t drop a tape in a year-plus? Save it bro
My songs rock like Zox, you should take me home
or else wait for a change like a train to come.
shouts from Rhode Island to Ohio
on the radio station’s where I should be
Y’all should put me on cause I’m living on a farm off-grid
Hot spit, fire-breathing, blazing hot like nitro (glycerin?)
I don’t even like rhyming any more.
Pray take the weight away, let me lift a light load.
Despite my best effort i’m outta my dome…!

Track Name: Who Got A Match?
better listen up kids de la rouda put the truth in the track
if you’re pissed at the the system you’ve gotta act
if you’re fed up with the way we got set up in the matrix
then you gotta fight like neo at the end
i’m all about direct action
i’m not tryna get caught i pay taxes
but i talk about it and it put in a rap
for the people on the battlefield trapped in the trenches
not defenseless
pocketful of rocks and a camera
mob of followers and henchmen
hardened killer instinct
taking down a tower with a monkey wrench
it’s powerful punishment
time’s all cyclical
bet you thought your life was linear
you couldn’t be more incorrect
all of us are criminals
guilty of the crime of not being good samaritans
and we’re beyond convicted

on the attack
armed with a strap
bomb all set
who got a match?

but i do gotta ask
who got a match?
give it to me set it to the fuse get back
anybody tryna make a move gets clapped
this is how its going down, boom, that’s that
mattress man
got they flag slackened, flapping half mast
get it straight we gon hit ‘em where they can’t attack back
cue the laugh track, black backpack, bomb all set, y’all nature got the last at-bat
ask your kids or your grandkids
what i spit is legitimate it’s about mitigating damage
i’m raw intellect mixed with academic evidence
i’m going off like a cannon
smart like the internet. we gon finish it
anarcho-primitivism isn’t for idiots
but y’all be ignorant
the clock keep ticking
can’t argue with it, get with it, or get offended

Track Name: Poetland
we say hello
from the same state as longfellow
and edna st vincent millay
the northeast rocky coast
where the weather be cold as othello
but the heart warm welcome to maine
where we all put print on the page
and we offer motivation and encourage each
to mix wonder and love with ink pens
till we learn something worth teaching
we reach out and touch people when we speak from the stage
and we each air our pain like it's laundry
we take comfort in solidarity, it’s like a posse
a safe space where we all meet
so i offend you when i talk then i offer my apology
with my arms open for a hug
tryna cultivate a community of trust
a willingness to simply sit and listen is enough
if there’s poetland residents present represent then give it up

what you know about poetland
spoken word so potent
it’s no doubt we could throw down lyrics always profound
bang like a gavel up in poetland
slam like pinatas to the ground up in poetland
blow like a spark to a powder keg in poetland
this is where i am
i said, power to the poet that's a resident of poetland you know it fam

me i'm from DC
by way of VT via BK in NYC
but even when i was a little kid in UT
i had never ever seen such beauty as in Maine
so i moved here, can't complain
the local poetry scene was totally welcoming to me
it's so sweet that you know i got love for PV
and RV, remain at peace, don’t train y’all speech
cause we gon keep kicking it
until forever wordsmithing
as the temperature dipping like a constellation
we be non-complacent
and we’re thankful
that we’re making powerful change
it’s like a renaissance
cop that gratitude attitude
never stop
say what you’re feeling like you're very honest
power to the poets up in poetland
proud to be a resident of poetland
you know it fam


i put on for my city
portland where i stay if you wanna come kick it
i'm transplant but i'm gon stay that i'm gon stay living
in the capital of maine and the written word
hope you heard listen good i'm that boy from the district
and i do miss it like the point of statistics
but i'm settling like a coin in the wishing well
in vacationland, making stanzas
Track Name: Chop Wood, Carry Water
When it rains, it floods,
and when it snows it could freeze for months,
so till the sun set we sweat like oxen:
work harder, get stronger.
When it rains, it floods,
and when it snows it could freeze for months,
so we work when we can; you could understand:
chop wood, carry water.

The days getting shorter.
It’s getting damn near too cold to bathe in creek water.
We harvest the garden crops, plant garlic bulbs and haul mulch
cause we all we need a cover for slumber through winter…
The Earth is my mother: I give her as much love and respect
as my brother and sister.
In the autumn I’m humble and conscious of the gifts given to us
by the season we recently lived through, I trust
cold’s coming: the time of the year when we
holed up in the cabin with a pile of blankets -
as snow falling and fire is blazing we keep warm
just trying to stay in god’s graces.
Thaw’s coming! It’s good cause we need it.
Get the buckets out for sugaring season. It’s so sweet!
Find me at the shack with the family,
wild venison stew from back in January cooking up.
Finally content as I can be.
Mentally centered, moving more zenward.
Work harder, get stronger:
chop wood, carry water.


The days lengthening.
It’s getting warm again to go and bathe in the stream.
I’m jogging at dawn,
been waiting for the frost to be gone.
I’m feeling sprung cause the summer coming after the spring.
Got the seedlings started in the greenhouse,
put ‘em into the ground -
say thanks for heavenly things.
We give praise with the greatest of ease.
Pick the weeds from the rows:
there are few finer things than wild greens.
Go with the flow; sway with the breeze -
pray when we get to the gates they gave us the keys -
hope along the way we can help to make peace
cause the world just need one thing: love.
Be about it!
Reach for the clouds.
If you work hard you gon reap a bounty.
You don’t need to leave the county.
Live humbly.
What I read: really nothing but the Tao Te Ching, trust me.
The rule of thumb gold as a crown:
what goes around comes around.
The rule of thumb gold as a crown:
what goes around comes around

Track Name: Live Forever (interlude)
"Nothing is holier, nothing is more exemplary than a beautiful, strong tree. When a tree is cut down and reveals its naked death-wound to the sun, one can read its whole history in the luminous, inscribed disk of its trunk: in the rings of its years, its scars, all the struggle, all the suffering, all the sickness, all the happiness and prosperity stand truly written, the narrow years and the luxurious years, the attacks withstood, the storms endured. And every young farmboy knows that the hardest and noblest wood has the narrowest rings, that high on the mountains and in continuing danger the most indestructible, the strongest, the ideal trees grow.
Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. They do not preach learning and precepts, they preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life."
- Hermann Hesse

we would live forever in the hands of the gods
we got the same struggle
unfathomable odds
so we stay strong and remain humble
even though we may stumble
keep the keel even if though waves rough
i’m calm in the face of a major struggle
with a cake-eating grin as i'm paying double
i ain't never met an enemy yet that
hypothetically won't turn into a friend or lover
so no i don't wonder
the world is too wonderful
everything we want will surely come to us
there's no problem
what is so obvious to me
is we get trapped by what we commonly believe
what we were taught to teach
the professors as an axe in a classroom chopping little-kid logs into of average cubes
life in the lumber yard we slumber hard as society is crumbling we have to choose
if we gon live forever

"A tree says: A kernel is hidden in me, a spark, a thought, I am life from eternal life. I was made to form and reveal the eternal in my smallest special detail. A tree says: My strength is trust. I know nothing about my fathers, I know nothing about the thousand children that every year spring out of me. I live out the secret of my seed to the very end, and I care for nothing else. I trust that God is in me. I trust that my labor is holy. Out of this trust I live."
- Hermann Hesse

the old oak live forever
he gon give incredible gifts conituously
basket ash live forever
he gon keep giving freely all the splints that we sit and weave
sugar maple live forever
she give sap that we boil down to syrup and drink
apple gon live forever
she gon feed you when you need to eat for free
that’s pretty sweet
the trees live forever
i love trees
Track Name: I Love Trees
we don’t want have no problems
that’s why it’s no beef when we eat
we don’t wanna have no trash talk neither
i probably shouldn’t speak what i think
some time it’s all you could do to keep breathing
that’s why i puff weed
cause i feel free when i chief like a chieftan
god damn i love trees

i get spiritual with it when i kick
clerical check it double there no errors in the figures
i’m the opposite of careless with the lyrics that i’ve spitting
i really hope you’re hearing what i’ve written i’m serious
yes y’all, i’m being honest
i got faith and i’m very proud of it
with a bowed head i give thanks and praise humbly
gaia is great so i say honor your mother
and father sky and the other spirits
we need more love, so if you have it give it up
chant down babylon zion getting lifted up
load the bowl, put the fire from the lighter to the spliff or blunt
and hit the stuff get it stuck up in your lungs
so it pumps through your veins like blood
to your head
i’m a little buzzed from the powerful buds
i could be walking through the clouds
and i’d hit it again

cause when will i stop blissing? never
cannabis can help us listen better


i wake up late, i work out, then i go to work
my job is lame and my boss is total jerk
the morning commute is horrible
so could you blame me if i say i’m tryna blaze mota first?
if you tryna smoke up i say great
that’s the type of activity i’m tryna have take place honestly
i kind of had a wack day
but this sack of AK got me placated, ain’t it my favorite thing
guess i’m stoner if you tryna label me
i could smoke to the dome till i’m comatose, lay with me
we’ll watch netflix cause i hate tv
now i’m saying crazy things to people that they can’t believe
like a fake id
look how i insane i seem
rattling on about how we’re all enslaved by cities
we want freedom
we gotta bomb babylon
my friends laughing at me, “come on, zack, settle down”

Track Name: The Maker
with a sharp knife on my belt i embark on a walk
down a path marked out by ancestors
hand carved by machete
tramped down by regular use
i put my boots in their footprints
it's heavy.
i’m so conscious of the energy transfer
between craftspeople and their products
this is why i'm modest
that’s why i honestly acknowledge
10,000 hours on the path to master from a novice
put in time like a clock
jot rhymes non-stop
like flies or clouds in the sky
i’m gon rise to the top
of the mountain then shout it to valley
give praise to the maker, thanks for the bounty
everything we take was created by somebody
and i’m grateful for what god gave to my family
kudos to the crafter, honor the creator
it’s a simple equation, we gotta equalize the balance
hats off the gardeners, the builders and the bakers
come on y’all raise up the rafters
it’s a toast that i’m making, lift up your glasses
and take a sip from the chalice

thanks to the maker
praise to the maker
kudos to the crafter
honor the creator
hats off to the gardener, the builder and the baker
the record sample like a taste from a ladle
thanks to the maker
praise to the maker
kudos to the crafter
honor the creator
the people who would wake up and see the planet
as a place to make even more beautiful who will be our saviors
so let’s give thanks to the maker
kudos to the crafter
honor the creator
the people who would wake up and see the planet
as a place to make even more beautiful who will be our saviors

i carved a knife handle, i weaved a packbasket
i wrote another song, you know i been back at it
with a pair buckskin moccasins on
you make a house, root celler
and some garden beds


with a sharp knife on my belt i embark on a walk
down a path marked out by ancestors
hand carved by machete
tramped down by regular use
i put my boots in their footprints. it's heavy.
i’m so conscious of the energy transfer
between craftspeople and their products
this is why i'm modest
that’s why i honestly acknowledge
10,000 hours on the path to master from a novice
Track Name: Night Moves
from the moment that we met i coulda swore to god
i heard the son of aphrodite licked a warning shot
it struck my heart i fell in love on the spot
since then been walking on clouds
tryna calm down
nah, i’m not doubting the providence
i just wanna stay grounded with common sense
cause only god knows what it’s got planned for us
so we could stay strong even when we stand alone
but i guess i got caught in the undertoe
knocked me off my feet
like i was struck with a thunderbolt
your eyes shine like a light when i'm lost in fog
so now yours is the courtyard that i’m running toward
ask would you give me shelter from the storm?
i’d build a boat for you we should set a course
i’d make a home for you and i hope you’d let me share it with ya
last night had you in my thoughts

the night moves like a typhoon
i can’t sleep
so i rise like a tide pool
the bright light from moonshine at high noon
illuminates the room
even though i got the blinds pulled
i write a poem for a friend of mine
when at best we’re pressed for time
and the pressure is too high
and at worst my words hurt like a knife wound
then i’d feel quite stupid
man it’s funny how despite contrary proof
we stay cautious even when we spy truth
we’re standoffish
wonder what could i do?
in the face of such awesome odds we often feel small but
if you could lead a horse to water
opportunity like a ripe fruit you can’t drop it
cause it ain’t every other day that it’s gonna come knocking
it can only show you the door
you gon have to walk through it

i woke from another odd dream again
to this old bob seger song on the speaker set
as rain poured from the thunderstorm
i sat counting seconds
wondered how far off it is
i started talking to the walls again
man it’s funny how the night moves
i wanna properly apologize for
speaking from the bottom of my heart instead
of following my head
when i give advice and do the opposite
Track Name: All Caps
i'm not mad i'm just passionate
i'm not a rapper i rap a lil bit
at the crib like a bassinet
i make tracks like a train or a rabbit
change what i'm after
i make 'em clap like a castanet
i put in work like a master chef
actually, self-made, out of date, discredited.
confederate, devil's advocate bit veteran
bad as a television
newscast relevance
and i'm hell-bent for the hell of it
i coulda had money, coulda had power, or fame if i wanted it
they worth nothing to me, i'm not gonna struggle for status,
what i wanna get is not for sale
it can't be won it gotta be earned
i'm doubly sure that it's gonna be coming
cause i trust the earth
i don’t stop working
root of the fruit, seed in the spring i be coming up
i set out to make progress
a taoist so i'm all about the process,
an optimist obviously
confidently i could climb from the bottom to the top of the tree
but i'm not gonna. watch me, i'm coming clean
yeah i preach and i'm proud of it
cause this is where i wanna be
talking to the people in the audience about the big picture and how to fix it
so if you're doubting me quit it
i don't need to hear it
i done been fed up with negativity
you could be a part of the solution or a part of the problem
pick how you gonna be living
said are you gon on walk the path of the popular
chase the dollar and ignore the indigence
would it break your heart take your soul
tear you apart when you think of it
life’s difficult
but when we work hard for a goal we appreciate the benefit
tonight's pivotal
live it up
we gon raise hell for the hell of it

if they say we gotta leave then
i dont wanna go
what they wanna teach
i dont wanna know
if they tryna make peace
then im tryna start a war
a rebel with a cause but i think that i forgot what it was
but i dont wanna know

you could put me at a party
talk kamikaze
naw you can't stop me
i be making points over joints they retort i rebut
it's an orchestra the ole opry
or when i'm out a bar i can
bend an ear for an hour or more - it's not boring
i don't give a damn if they heard it before
i drone on like obama i got 'em all snoring
yeah i poke fun at myself
cause i think i got lost
i been calling for help
i figured out how to be honest and, well,
i'm embarrassed how often i yell
(i’m sorry that i yelled.)
i sorta felt bad
but im much happier now, and i’m glad that i held back
still a rebel if you gotta ask
if you feel what i rap sing with me
all caps

Track Name: Gratitude Attitude
give thanks and praise cause living is amazing
what we have been given is a great thing
life so sweet, all the people that we're seeing we're embracing
we could feel the love radiating
coming from the sun that's above and the fire that is raging
inside the mind, this is crazy, hands to the sky if you like what i'm saying
go on and stand up, y'all could sing with me, sing

i got a gratitude attitude, i am a happy human
i am a glass half full type fool, got an optimism aptitude
nothing that i have to prove, i'm feeing awesome on this afternoon
yes, it's a heavenly avenue that we travel through
i'm tryna capture snapshots of the view
green trees that could help us breathe clean, blue water river flow go let us drink deep
give thanks and praise to the power that be, take a moment to think
we are actually free, now you see, i got a gratitude attitude, i am a happy human
i am a glass half full type fool, got an optimism aptitude
nothing that i have to prove, i'm feeing awesome on this afternoon
i got a gratitude attitude, i am a happy human, i'm asking what about you?

if you pissed off cause the system is a constant struggle to exist in gon lift you fist bruh
you know that i'm with you i have always pledged allegiance to rewilding i'm fighting for resistance
even if society is slavery maintain positivty it's crucial because if you get stuck
you can't do a damn thing, that's why i'm chanting, there is one thing that you really got to keep up


if it's not then awful, then it's awesome (this is obvious)
why we stay blind to the light? let the darkness lift.
you could cry about your problems, or try and really solve 'em
but throughout the whole process stay cognizant
that if you aren't starving and your heart is hearty, you are more blessed
than you could understand; every person has a purpose.
if you haven't found yours yet just gotta be searching for it.
keep taking those steps toward your personal legend.
it's all karma, remember? don't you go and forget it!
it's all good even when it ain't: it's hard work but we feel joy when we push through the pain.