Rewild Or Die (2012)

by Zack de la Rouda

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Debut album from Zack de la Rouda, a.k.a. Sleepy Numbers, inspired by the book "Rewild Or Die" by Urban Scout, a.k.a. Peter Michael Bauer, presented by Jenke Arts, Burlington, VT, mixed/mastered by Face-One,
featuring Face-One and thefilthypoliticians, featuring production from Talen Ted, thefilthypoliticians, D.R.O., T.G.I.K and The Smeezingtons,
with ultimate gratitude for Ishmael, and to Daniel Quinn.


released November 4, 2012

Album Credits:

Inspired by: Urban Scout, author, "Rewild or Die"

Presented by: Jenke Arts

Mixed/Mastered by: Face-One

Produed by: Talen Ted

Produced by: The Filthy Politicians

Produced by: D.R.O.

Produced by: T.G.I.K.

Produced by: The Smeezingtons:

Cover art by: Nicholas Heilig

All Vocals/Lyrics by: Zack de la Rouda



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Zack de la Rouda Portland, Maine

i write songs and rap about weird stuff like love self-actualization civilization depression anarchism and taoism i like to eat from the garbage even though it's kinda hard to find organic stuff there i spend a lot of time alone somehow i am still releasing music ... more

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Track Name: Welcome
Welcome to Rewild Or Die.
I'm Zack de la Rouda and I'm smiling bright,
cause I'm honoring Gaia with each line that I write.
I hope y'all listen, but if not that's all right,
cause I ain't do it for y'all.
I don't do this for me.
I do it for the light and the life in the trees;
I-and-I think thrice. Every rhyme that I breathe
getting caught up in my throat like a cough so I choke and wheeze,
but hopefully y'all can see what I'm tryna do,
cause all my pieces got a piece of the giant truth.
I been focusing solely on a hope for freedom
but I can see that we need to rewild - that's crucial.
That's what I'm talking about.
I put the shouting on pause, now I'm walking around.
I got my volume on low.
I'm building up power.
Yeah, I'm bout to let a lot of love out, saying,
Welcome to Rewild Or Die.
Now I feel nice and I'm smiling bright,
cause I'm honoring y'all with each line that I write.
I hope y'all listen but if not that's all right.
It's all choices.
It's just a bunch of thoughts.
It's not the word of God.
There's no right or wrong,
but I been working awful hard on a couple songs,
and they all are important to me.
So y'all welcome.
Listen in, listen in.
Y'all welcome.
Track Name: Got Love
I got love for you, no matter what you got for me.
we share a God father, so it's good, fellas.
Now, what happened in the past doesn't matter. I forgive you, brother,
and if you fall in the future I would pick you up,
no matter what you got for me. We share a God mother, so it's good, sisters.
If disaster come to pass I'd be with you, listen -
I got love for you. It's all for love.

Let's get it straight. I feel great often.
We got some obstacles we're facing, but I stay optimistic, and I remain conscious.
All that I wanted for this world was more love, so I got to give it up.
I love the homies who will always be supportive of me,
and I got love for folks who never ever got love for me.
For the oldest overlords in they top positions,
and for the homeless girls and boys without a pot to piss in.
We gotta keep our veins pumping if we gon' be living.
Mahatma said, you gotta be the change you wanna witness,
and Martin King said, I got a dream that we'll be equal.
Malcolm X said, the ballot or the bullet, pick one.
So people heed one or the other, but I love 'em all,
because we are each others sisters and brothers in arms,
and we don't need to be arguing, let's be honest.
It's that love that is most important so I honor it.


We all want love. We all got love. Let's make a promise now to never keep it bottled up.
Let's figure out exactly how much we all got in common,
and then acknowledge we got problems that we all could solve.
We gotta to come together somehow,
cause I been wondering for a couple years how we all gon' come down.
The trouble is everybody covers up the love within,
and substitute it for some toxic mimics. Why we still got slavery? It makes me sick.
We bomb foreign kids, and what they ever gone and did to us?
When all the world's organisms only want to form bonds with some other creatures
that's important to 'em, how'd we ever get the picture that we're different
from the rocks in the rivers and the frogs and the porpoises?
There's only one small thing we gotta give up that'll stop this apocalypse: mad love.
Track Name: Reveille
Play the reveille. Hope that you had a good night.
Now it's time to wake up. That sun light is so bright.
I ain't giving up yet on this fight for this life.
I would die to protect what has kept us alive. (x2)

Yo, it's Zack de la Rouda playing Reveille. You better wake up; you can't
lay in bed asleep. Me and The Filthy Politicians make the message sound fresh
like the smell of trees. It feels sweet like a mellow breeze.
It makes you wanna listen in like we're telling secrets,
the kind you share with all your friends cause they're fun to speak of,
and everybody needs to heed 'em so we must repeat 'em.
I'm hoping that you see first things first: the planet is the mother of the people.
Before we planned it everybody was an equal. Now our buildings kill things,
and in the wilderness is the Garden of Eden.
Yet, still we're putting all our faith and trust in preachers,
never pay respect to teachers while we wait for God to speak to us,
but he speaks through us when we give true love.
We get healthy; we hum the melody, and play the Reveille.


This the Reveille, that crack-of-dawn racket, yelling, get up,
the ship's sinking. The mast is cracking. It's re-evaluate or evacuate.
Bail it out and risk drowning or try to escape.
While we were sleeping here, something dumb happened.
We awoke in this war-zone, bombs dropping, guns clapping.
We gotta come tough.
This is in honor of your momma, son, y'all ball a fist. Lift it up.
We got lost, caught up in the fog, wandering across this bridge into beyond,
but everybody walked on. Now, Rewild Or Die.
Babylon going hungry on Ramadan.
I-and-I trust you with you cause we Allah God.
We ain't never going back like a Holocaust.
We getting ready for Taps because it's almost dark.
Zion rise like the moon on the Amistad.

Track Name: Rewild Or Die
No lie, no lie. Rewild Or Die. That's how it's gotta be if we gon' stay alive.
Don't cry, don't cry. We don't need to fight.
We got a couple minor problems but we could rise up.
Mic check one time – everyting irie, right? Turtle Island is a prize, right,
and I love life so I keep smiling wide.
Gaia is the messiah, and we'll die if we can't rewild. That's how it's gotta be.
Let's get us everything we wanted like a shopping spree. We'll never operate
the robbery of monocropping. We'll be gardeners in the forest, practice permaculture. We've forgotten what we've lost like a lobotomy.
I'm tryna talk to the bottom of your memory. Let's de-occupy the colonies.
We put ecology over the economy. Listen to me.

When I kick it, I promise you I don't speak lies.
I give nothing but open honesty each time.
We got a lot of walls to knock down but probably we'll be fine –
if we rewild our lives. Babylon is inescapably violent. That's the main cause of the slavery
we're tryna fix. So y'all go on with y'all debate, straight up,
if we wanna save the world, we need change world wide quick.
That's why I'm training hard, because my body and my mind
gotta both be strong for this renaissance. That's why I practice building fires.
I'm learnin how to track a pack of rabbits down and cook 'em up to eat.
Now y'all calling me awake cause I'm not asleep?
All I do is keep my eye on the price.
And now y'all calling me a snake cause I'm not a sheep. All I'm saying is Rewild Or Die.

Rewild or die. That's how it's gotta be. Let's get us everything we wanted
like a shopping spree. We'll never operate the robbery of monocropping.
We'll be gardeners in the forest, practice permaculture. We've forgotten
what we've lost like a lobotomy. I'm tryna talk to the bottom of your memory.
Let's de-occupy the colonies. We put ecology over the economy. Listen to me.

We get our food from the grocery,
so go and get a garden and a gun and consume more locally.
Ride a bike instead of driving a car.
Run for your life. Play in the yard. We're all shopping at the mall
but often what we bought is the sort of stuff we could have made ourselves.
We're all working for a boss, and all that we want is community.
Look at what we built: a bunch of pyramids.
Track Name: City Life
I'm wide awake in the concrete jungle.
Them skyscrapers make my thoughts feel small, though.
But they cannot drown out my sound.
Every block I walk I hear the thump of the bongos.
My songs could be called psalms. I drop bombs with the voice of God.
Y'all feel the rumble. I call out to the strong at heart to come and march along.
Follow through the darkness, get them torches lit pronto.
We're gon make it through the slime, bring some peace to they minds,
Even if we just preach to the choir. I'ma heed the call of the wild.
I won't be a doll with a porcelain smile.
Yeah, I preach the prophecy standing out on the street-corner,
looking like a bum asking drunk brothers why they're brawling.
I honor God, Allah, Jah, Yahweh, Adonai, Marijuana, Tao,
they're gon' lead me to the promised gardens.
I wanna start raw, build it up and get stronger.
When I train I pretend I'm in the mountains alone.
I ask what's wrong with me but it's not my fault.
Cause I was raised to call this concrete jungle home.

Look at all the little lights. It's such a pretty sight.
I got love for this small town. I'm caught up with this city life.

I don't wanna stop all our settlements. I don't wanna abolish all development.
I'm talking bout our problem with the process of production;
how we get our food and our water – dig it:
we let them rural farmers handle all the cows and chickens,
while we stay chilling in our houses and apartments kicking it.
We call 'em dirt- and soil-combers, snickering.
We flew that food in from the earth's four corners, didn't we?
Let's plan a picnic on the palisade. You tell us all about your town and
how it got its name, and how its men are brave, and how its gutters aimed
to carry y'all garbage to the backyard of someone strange.
We all got the same deep trouble, but at least we got each other.
We were born in this struggle. Raised in this rubble.
I'm afraid there's no escape from the concrete jungle.

Track Name: My, My, My
My, my, my, look how the time slides. This life could pass you by
in the blink of an eye. It's like, before you know it, you get tired,
and you wish were a child listening to crickets, catching fireflies
in the twilight of a July night. I heave a giant sigh because I'm tryna find Zion
but I'm lost in Babylon with as much hindsight as three blind mice
with sunglasses on. Why do we try to lie? Why did we have to fall?
When will we finally realize that we're not trapped at all?
We all just let our moments pass instead of capturing them.
When we get older when we look back on 'em and sadly miss them.
We need to see that we're all are actors in this floating opera,
before we're on the River Styx with dollars under our tongues.
That's why I'll never say goodnight in the middle of a fight,
because if we die we'll never get to say goodbye.

My, my, my, look how this story goes. This life could pass you right by
before you know it. You're looking back along the path that you been walking on,
Wishing you could retract those couple steps you stumbled for.
We got regrets but we never judge our selves. What's done is done.
We don't wonder if we'll go to hell. We ended up with nothing left
to give each other but our love, and we all struggle for money so our love's for sale.
We paid to be kept captive in these crummy dungeons. Minimum wage is not enough, they get our stomachs hungry. We know we stuck in this rat race but just keep running, feeling like a bunch of crabs in this ugly bucket.
Yeah, it's real bleak, and we feel weak, but every time I get depressed I know
I gotta smile, because we might not have our freedom, but at least we all are breathing, and we know at any second that we all could die.

My, my, my, how will this all end? I'm asking myself, where are my lost friends?
I wander through hell looking for God's land, running from the Boss-Man,
damn near starving. I been haunted by ghosts and monsters I but shut 'em out.
Nobody's flawless. Now I go slow, one foot in front of the other. I've been stumbling for so long I need to build with somebody. I need to write about something healthy and fully uplifting. I think I'm done being angry.
I want to sing something pretty. We know that life is so short, we must remember to pause. I know that I struggle hard, too young to be overworked. I'm feeling backed in a corner - so I pack up and run back to my father and mother,
cause family's all that we got. Look at the beautiful sunset, and when the sun rise,
thank God that we got breath. I love life.
Track Name: The Vent
I feel like a bomb is about to go off,
like a volcano is about to erupt, straight up.
I feel like a charge is about to be started,
like a flame is about to be sparked into a blaze.
I feel like a wall is about to crumbled,
like a faucet is about to be unplugged.
Man, I feel like a stand is about to be took,
like a hammer is about be dropped from far up.
I feel like a wrist is about to be cut,
like our situation's bout to be stuck, no joke.
I feel like a tower is about to toppled,
like a town is about to be conquered, if we don't throw stones.
I feel like our treaty is about to be crushed,
and then peace is about to be sought.
Sisters and brothers gon have to have trust and give it up,
cause our freedom is about be won, y'all.

I feel like the weight of the world is on us, Atlas,
but the pain's heaven-sent.
When you down in the well of the bottomless trench, give thanks for the vent.

I feel like a vent is about be opened, like some tension is about to broken,
like a window. I feel like a pencil is about to be sharpened,
like a message is about to be spoken, listen up, yo.
I feel like a subject is about to broached,
like a bunch of heads about to be blown, Cobain.
I feel like a nose that's about bumped, cocaine,
like a muscle gon be tore and regrown.
I feel like a switch is about thrown,
like the essence is about to be shown, can ya dig it?
I feel like a prisoner about to sprung,
like every member of the club gon be pouring the punch and drinking it.
I feel like the princes and the paupers gon' get on.
I feel like a hurricane coming, bring a big flood.
Zion over Babylon.
That's the type of odds you could bet on.

Track Name: My Ancestors
I am mad on behalf of my ancestors. On behalf of my ancestors.
I am mad on behalf of my ancestors. On behalf of my ancestors.

I am mad on behalf of my ancestors, cause my grandparents' grandparents' grandparents' grandparents had more love for this damn planet
than a hundred of us young dumb ungrateful bastards messing with our heritage.
I'm unabashedly angry at the way we smash what they gave freely.
And I ain't really a conservative. It's not traditions that I'm tryna preserve,
I wanna stop killing all the people who used to live their lives here -
raised a couple babies till eventually they died here.
They are basically the reason you and I are here,
and I ain't chilling while we kiss 'em all goodbye.
I'm on blast on behalf of my ancestors,
cause they ain't worked very hard, but they was hard working as nothing.
I'll be damned if they all gon get eradicated.
If they wanna ask why he mad then I tell 'em


They assumed that when they would be erased,
they would leave a legacy for the ones who'd come after 'em.
They always gave for the next seven generations.
We take our ancestor's land without asking 'em.
We make large dams, pave all the ground -
we was running of gas, now we're drilling in the tar sands.
We working jobs to get paper for bills. Our ancestors didn't have money
and they still lived well. The planet struggles but we ain't budging.
We let the shit hit the fan like it's nothing and we say "fuck it."
This is the desert before the deluge, and the rain's coming.
I gone mad, bout to break something.
But lately I'm learning, cause I been advocating for
my ancestors' murderers deaths.
That's in the past, though and the world's still turning,
so now I'ma be happy on behalf of my kids.

I am mad on behalf of my ancestors, and I'ma be happy on behalf of my kids.
I am mad on behalf of my ancestors, and I'ma be happy on behalf of my kids.
Track Name: Querido Abuelo
CHORUS: Querido abuelo, estoy perdido. Te echo de menos. Te necesito. (x2)

Dear Grandfather, I miss you. I wish I'd listened to you. I wish I'd met to you.
I wish I'd known you, because ever since the day that I was born I needed the wisdom of an older dude. I was a dumb lil' boy. Now I'm a younger man,
but I'm still lost in this world, clutching some crumbling plans. I been stuck up in this prison, drunk with all these other fishes, puffing on that skunky piff.
We're not distracted, we're disinterested. I never wanted a normal job with a tie
and an office and a boss and a pension. I said, fuck that shit. I'd rather have a raft than a sunken ship. I wanna ask my grand-dad what he woulda did.
I'm wondering what you were like. Were you the truthful type? Would you choose fight or flight? Were you strong and silent, or powerful, loud and violent? How do you right the wrongs in life and fight these brutal tyrants? Cause I've been trying.

Querido abuelo,
Estoy perdido.
Te echo de menos.
Te necessito.

Dear Grandfather, I am mad honored just to be my dad's son, just because my mom's your daughter. I give y'all props and pay homage, cause if y'all hadn't raised my parents right, then maybe I'd not have been brought up by 'em honestly.
There's many stories that I've heard about you, and I hold many values I'd never have learned without you. So when I'm dealing with doubt, I think about you, like
if I'm the only Schamis and Rouda, then I won't let us down, trust. I been focused
on the future like the fortune teller. I'm tryna find some fertile soil so my seeds can flourish. I'm getting older and I have to figure out just what I'm gon do. I look to y'all for guidance like an oracle. I'm done crying for help.
I'm minding my health, because I'm kinda tryna be a grandfather myself. I'm glad to have been your descendent, and I'm sad that we never met before
the gods had to send for you. Querido abuelo, te amo. Jah bless you.


Dear Grandfather, ever since I read "Of The Water And The Spirit" by
Malidoma Some I been doubly lonely. I understood what he subtly told me when he said that every boy needs a man to model roles from. No disrespect to my dad,
cause I ain't never choose to pass him up, he was the best, don't be calling me
a bastard son. It's just my pop never had his pop-pop live long enough to
ask him stuff. So we're both lost. It's like we're both frozen.
Our past vanished like a ghost, that's a cold omen. Now we're both grown free men, we tryna talk about rewilding but don't know where to begin.
That's why I'm opened up and singing. I'm focused on the vision of
my grandchildrens' wishes. And I'ma make 'em proud, if only I could send this out to my grandfathers in the clouds.

Track Name: First Day Of My Life
This is the first day of my life. Swear, I was born right in the doorway.

Even though I wasn't born yesterday,
every morning I feel like it's the first day,
because even when you struggle in the worst way
you gotta stay strong - so go on like it's your birthday.
Now if you're in the hood, or you're in the woods,
you could still feel Earth's love. Trust my words, brother.
Try to learn something,
because honestly our knowledge is the only thing
that ever comes between us.
We get separated, segregated by our academics,
so poor folks will always stay ignorant.
That's why I hide my enligthenment, besides
being blind, deaf and dumb is blissful, isn't it?
That's the feeling that i get from my tribe.
Whenever we're together I'm all right.
I cry when I'm reminded we're divided,
but when I can forget that, it's like I come alive, for the first time.


Before I met you, I was trapped.
I was born in the city with my mom and dad,
and I was always feeling sad even as a little kid
because everything is bad and they said it can't be fixed.
They just labelled me depressed,
and stuffed me full of meds that I'd constantly reject,
because I said I'd rather be insane, and feel my own pain,
than be left bored and unaffected. Yep!
And I ain't ended up numb yet.
I'm still walking on the path I'm on.
Success means following your personal legend.
This life is a journey. Just do your work, keep your head up.
And never be afraid of the system,
but, it enslaves us, so give resistance to it.
And try to find a little peace every night, because
come first light, it's another first day of your life.

Track Name: Enough Praying
My buddies say that peoples' nature is to blame for the problems of our system,
but I disagree. My studies lead me to believe we've been deceived by our politics
and history. Just listen, please. When I'm speaking I'm pleading for equality,
and happiness and harmony, and partying, but also I am praying to God that
what I'm saying aloud will make sense, and some of y'all will grok it.
Acknowledge knowledge that's not taught in any colleges.
You try to talk about this but they call it inappropriate. Really it just boggles
my mind how we all follow the lines, we're living in a culture of lies.
It's shocking me how often we fight, if we're wrong or we're right,
we are all either deaf, dumb or blind. We just rest all the time, like,
"Let's go get high and fucked up," that's what's up when you're stressed from the grind.
We messed up our lives. I'm depressed because I think I'm better than a goddamn 7-to-9.
I'm fed up with signing my name by the fine print and I ain't
ever even been offered a dime for my music. I do this for the truth like a prophet.
What we got's a problem and we really got to stop it now, knock it down
and get out alive. It could not stand the test of the process of time.

Civilization is unsustainable 'cause it requires exploitation in order to maintain
a crop-space; perpetual growth that it needs to float, murder we wrote, what this means is we're all slaves. With your shocked face maybe you are trying to say that this is our fate, that we been following these steps to space because we got faith. I'm saying, please, we must stop sleep. Enough praying.

We've existed for 2 million years healthier than any superfluous modern doctor could imagine. We had no vaccines, no IVs, no cancer, no diabetes, no lie, fam.
Now we're chilling with 10 thousand years of illness, getting worse from the moment we embarked along this path. What we eat, how we live, how we teach
our kids to compete, and hold heat, it's bad, man.
And these machines have only been here for a minute.
Imagine the damage they already inflicted.
Try to fathom what happens when you sacrifice a planet on the altar of progress and privilege, and, it looks a lot like this: an audience filled with lots of lost kids.
What i'm talking to you about is often hushed up cause we ain't even wanna to know what the cost is. Still, we are pawns for a price. We feel small but we say
it's all right, like, we ain't wanted this, but we got it now, and it's all just
struggle or die. But we must realize what the real lies are. Feel my bars, they were built by god, and captured on tape to reveal my thoughts, saying,
honestly, the system is the problem.

Track Name: Quitting
I'm quitting cigarettes and drinking,
and constant marijuana,
and sugar, salt, milk, meat, eggs, tea, and coffee.
Bread, rice, biscuits, pastries.
Chips, pasta, cereal grains.
Candy, cookies, crackers.
All that fake factory-made crap.
Quit cooking oil, next I'll quit cooking completely.
I'll stay rooted like the soil in good food that don't need sweetening.
I skipped school. I quit college.
I quit job after horrible job,
cause I quit honoring money way back when I was a child.
Yeah. Y'all already know that I quit sleeping.
I remember that I'm blessed with the songs that I keep singing.
Quit complaining, quit debating, quit explaining my reasoning,
but I ain't never gon' my contemplative thinking.

I'm giving up my addictions.
Look at what I thought I needed, actually I didn't.
It's got me asking me, what was I thinking?
That's why I'm quitting. I'm quitting.

I quit wanting, shopping, copping, balling,
modeling, auctioning, following.
I quit walking through the halls
of the malls and the offices.
I quit driving, I been biking and I'm jogging often.
I been trying. Man, I been working something awful.
Quit disrespecting, intercepting conversations, interjecting -
nearly stopped speaking because I wanna be respectful.
It's been so long since I've been honest with my own six senses.
I wanna cut out all that garbage that I've been ingesting.


I see disease in our culture and its memes on the daily.
Now I'm getting free so I'ma quit what I ain't need.
I might still take a hit off of some trees if you ask me
but I ain't fiend like I did in the past.
I been living with the crutch of all this stuff and it's crazy:
when I lifted it all up I felt much less lazy.
I wanna live the way that I've been planning
with my family on the planet -
getting old slow and tryna die happy.


I been quitting my addictions to increase my lifespan.
I'm just kicking it, sitting in divine hands.
I think I figured out how to be a nice man.
Love thy self and try to walk the right path.

Track Name: Kung Fu
I'm up early in the morning, when the moon's not gone down.
I drink some water and jog through the fog, proud.
My feet brought me to the top of this mountain to achieve balance.
I salute to the sun and bow.
I do a couple slow rounds of sil lim tao,
working on my inner power, tryna bring it out.
I throw a thousand chain punches from my core, it ain't nothing,
all in good form, I'm just getting warmed up.
Staying cool, I'm tossing 'em down the corridor, pak sau, pak dar.
I let my horse sink more. Like rocks on the end of some strings
I keep 'em flowing. I'm like water, I just go with the motion.
I got chops if you know what I'm saying. No playing,
when I block I can see qi turning to vapor.
Time worked over hours of struggle looking for truth.
It's obvious, you know what I do: kung fu.

I do kung fu. (kicking and punching ain't nothing.)
I do kung fu. (just let it fall into place.)
I do kung fu. (kicking and punching ain't nothing.)
I do kung fu. (work over time in pursuit of the truth.)

When I'm off work, I put in work time.
Trying to learn to lift myself to a bird's height.
Trying to harden up a bit on the outside while I harness the softness inside.
Live how I want with a zen mind.
Give with my actions and send kindness.
I been thinking over some words that I said.
I only want to see with my third eye, yes.
I been sideswiped by this blindness,
wondering who have I been and where am I at.
I'm working hard tryna reach where the sky is.
I let the sunlight remind me that I'm blessed.
Blessed. That's how I feel now.
I wanna honor God so I kneel down,
because I know the worth in this Earth,
and I learned that doing kung fu in a field.
Wow. Kicking and punching ain't nothing.

Track Name: Four In The Morning
First they come for the terrorists, but that's aight cause I'm not a terrorist.
Then they'll come for the anarchists, but that's aight cause I'm really not anarchist.
Then they'll come for the dissident. Y'all still not listening.
When they come for you, what you gonna do?

Yo, it's four in the morning.
We need to wake up now.
The cops are at the door.
They bout to raid the house.
Don't say we gave no warning -
every prophet shouted loud.
If you had been watching you'd not be shocked how it's going down.
You need to get up off the floor.
Go on and grab your clothes.
Drop the pack of smokes.
Hurry up, we need to hit the road.
Let's use the window.
Get the keys to the truck.
If you can't then we'll walk and and we'll jog and we'll run.
We knew this day would come like an oracle.
We're stunned? This is horrible.
Look, man - everybody got a gun.
But it ain't everyone with tanks, it ain't everyone with planes,
it ain't everyone with banks, boy, are you insane?
That's what we trained for.
The way we play makes work fun. Now it's wage war or bust,
so take what you want to take quick cause they coming.
I'ma drop the bombs right here and stop stalling.

When it's four in the morning and the cops are coming for ya,
at your door banging, are you for ready for em?
When it's four in the morning, there's no argument.
All I ask is, are we strong enough?

Here's a tip for those trapped in the Matrix:
every time you see an agent you better better run fast,
cause I been tryna stop bullets but I can't seem to master it,
so I just dip when that gun claps.
I be so gone y'all think I'm a race;
actually, I'm really only not tryna live in chains.
I'm riding sick dumb quick down the interstate.
It ain't my whip but the license plate's been replaced.
Desperate times call for desperate measures,
and in fact we all do have a choice to make.
It's fight or flight. Rewild Or Die.
I'm trying not to act paranoid or feel afraid,
but, sooner or later we'll all be back in the stone age.
It don't matter if we don't change.
So, go on, tell me what's important.
Cause I've been up and running since four in the morning.

Track Name: Body Rock
If you love life, lift your cup. Bottoms up.
This is a party song, if you're wild or not.
So, roll another blunt. Time to light it up.
Feel it coming on. Here's one song for the body rock.

There's something to be said
for dancing until you can feel the touch of Jah within.
It actually can be sacred.
Just relax and let the music take you
back to where you been. Then, begin again.
Can't you feel the rhythm supporting you like a pillow,
and calling you like a coxswain,
drawing you like a pencil?
Yeah, I'm feeling holy. I'm flowing just like a river.
It's that nothing that I'm focused on.
I'm open, being blissful.
Drinking like a fish, and blowing up this swisher like that nugget
that I'm puffing is a gift that get me lifted.
Yeah, life is hard and we all got problems,
but I'll be god damned if I let it all float past like an opera.
So stand with me, and dance with me.
Man, I'm high to the ceiling. I be past tipsy.
So come and dance with me. Go into trance with me.
If you feeling what I'm saying throw your hands with me.


It's something to be felt.
Time with the members of your tribe will get you well.
Kicking with your friends is medicine - gets you better, man.
Every time we party all night I feel incredible.
Let's put the present on a pedestal.
Get me captured by the magic of this moment like a spell.
Yeah, I'm drinking and smoking weed to keep open
to the omens I've receiving from the heavens while we chill.
All I know is everything is awesome and
I'm honored to be with you on this planet in this time, yo, for real.
While the world is turning I'm tryna get a word in to give thanks and praise for this miracle.
Yeah, the Earth is perfect and all of our work is worth it
if it means when it's over we could live like this.
So, stand with me. Dance with me.
If you're feeling what I'm saying raise a fist.
Track Name: Clementines And Joels
I'm waking up from a dream in a daze.
How long have I been asleep? Many days.
Lie by the firelight.
My, but your smile's bright.
I just pray that this sweet feeling stays.
Feel my heart pump blood to the beat.
Look around me - beauty's all that i see.
How could this possibly be my reality?
I realize I'm making love with a queen,
like we're outside going running in the breeze,
hiking in the mountains and then jumping in the sea.
She keep me high like we're up in the trees.
She feed my mind, teach me hundreds of things.
So I'll keep mines with the spots on it,
never let these memories fade, although they're not perfect.
Pledge I'm eternally yours even if the sun's not shining.
We're so blessed, gotta stop crying.
Life's incredible. We both we're not trying.
Imagine what we could do if we start striving,
like block violence,
and unlock silence.
Rewild our lives.
Lift up our eyelids.
Love's the only message that I know.
Trust me, we just gotta let it grow.
Above us is the heavens.
Below us is the essence.
Within us is the embers, gotta let 'em glow.
This is a love song for you and yours,
the Clementines and Joels,
with a special dedication to the world's most beautiful girl.
Track Name: (Become) Wild And Free
We'd lie in the sun. We'd bathe in the sea. Our nights would be fun.
Our lives would be sweet. We'd just go with the flow.
That's how we all would be, if we'd become wild and free.

If we walked like our forefathers, our day's work would be done in four or five hours, with no bosses and no lawsuits. Feeling like God's son with the Apostles.
We'd get hungry so we'd have to and pick some things, but most likely we'd end up fishing in the stream. Crushing seeds, munching greens. Light a fire cause
you know that we'd be puffing trees. After lunch, take a break, then let's run a bit.
I got a hunch that we maybe gon hunt again, but if we ain't prey perfect,
at least we saved jerky from that last trip when my old friend Greg merked it.
What up, boy? I feel support from ya. I wanna tell you that you never gon be
worth nothing, cause even if you and I are not alive,
we will still be survived by our tribe, so everything irie, right?


Prophets over profits. The topics that I'm talking about are obvious,
and I'm still not popular with the populace, but it's not about the product;
it's the process. It's not a problem which book you wanna follow.
It's the same Jah in the Torah as the Bible. the Qu'ran and the I Ching
are not rivals. They're all secrets of survival; they're all tribal. One love - that's what we Bob said, and Janis Joplin said, having nothing is the same as having freedom, and I think that I believe her. I mean, we need to start listening to our common sense. Muhammad and Moses were both God-sent; they both said heaven's on Earth when you know Allah, so my hand's on my heart while I offer up the olive branch. Nothing but love for my family and our momma, man.


We'd be humans, truly. If we lived like this we'd be close to God.
We'd be humans, truly, and we'd all just give our love. (x2)

We'd lie in the sun. We'd bathe in the sea. Our lives would be sweet. We'd just
go with the flow. That's how we all would be, if we become wild and free.