Awake (2010)

by Zack de la Rouda

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This is my second album. These songs were made late 2009 / early 2010.


released June 1, 2010



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Zack de la Rouda Portland, Maine

i write songs and rap about weird stuff like love self-actualization civilization depression anarchism and taoism i like to eat from the garbage even though it's kinda hard to find organic stuff there i spend a lot of time alone somehow i am still releasing music ... more

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Track Name: Fight Music prod. edIT
my name's Zack, a.k.a. ZZZ, also alias Sleepy, but that's just my ego
I ain't pack fake AK's, listen please, barely be breathing, i stand for the people
i make crack with these mayday writtens, G, aliens needles can't probe as deep, yo
i stay mad, hit the bag, ain't quitting, breathe air, man, they scared you and froze your feet cold?
come on.
that's why i do this.
i be writing rhymes all the time for my crew, kid.
that means you, dig? stupid, what did you think?
just because we argue at night you ain't my dude?
shit. that's ruthless, truly i don't pull tricks. tell you you're a switch and my brother and a full clip.
i'll let you fools rip lines about the tools that you ain't got,
then i'll claim the micer as a pulpit
oh shit -
i know you sick of messages, but music is a mission to me, spitting is a testament,
hidden in the rest of this is everything, problems we're adressing and conflict
caught in a confessional so while disease is festering and cities aren't dead yet,
open your head to the notion that we're fed
medication to keep us sedated and complacent -
give resistance or give up your breath, slaves.

once you say that you with us, you're in it, simple, isn't it?
that's all i need from you wimps, just a couple minutes
i got a dream of clean memes for these fucking sinners
but i need streets teams ready to get something finished
that's why i'm stuck here singing
though, no, i will not stop
no matter if i had a habit that was killing cops
i stay rapping for the street rats selling rocks
they know they in a cage. stop saying that we not.
stop playing lil wayne
stop playing asher roth,
they gonna make it rain on me? turn this faggot off.
i ain't mad at all, i know how they fatten y'all
stuff you with the fluff, run away from the cattle prod
i heard historian
hip-hop's not dead
but our planet's bout to be if we don't stop civ
rock this
stand if you love life
this ain't hell yet
let's make heaven right.

this is real fight music
wake up!
you're late for school and life too, kid
help us!
recognize truth.
we at war. if you don't all fight, we might lose.
this is real fight music
you're late!
wake up and save a life too, kid
help us!
propagate truth
we at war. if we don't all fight, we might lose. (2x)

i feel for the college kids bottled in lives they ain't wanted, stuck in tracks they ain't following
i feel for the collared, blue, white, red, right, wrong, tight, long, python, tax, debt or dollar, holla
i feel for the sick victim, hit, twisted, kicked, bitten, shot up in the face for a million by some evil villains,
i feel for those sad souls without defense, coke-fiends creeping, hobos out sleeping
i feel for kids without questions, easily accepting boredom and depression
i feel for you and your boys, i know you ain't hate life, you can't live without toys, though
i feel for rocks, rivers, animals and spirits, cannibals and killers, plants, yeah you know they hear us
i feel for the bottom of the pyramid, that's why i'm here, kids. are you feeling it?

yeah i feel for you, brother
what the deal, we ain't need steel for healing our mother
mass appeal ain't the target but it's really abundant
the end's near, that's me, sign and a bucket
this here's a lead keel, still getting buffeted
50-foot-swells, on the real, no luffing, shit
i feel fear for the sheer weight of hungry men
i ain't tryna die out here in a sunken ship
cry your tears for your winnings while i'm wondering,
they ain't tryna split? what the fuck is this?
you ain't bump my hits?
you ain't on my dick?
all right, fine, then
see how many fucks i give
then i just might live to love life,
live love, while you duffing it
sucking your fist
stuck stripped,
dumped in a fucking ditch
you never thought it'd come like this...

i paint the big picture scary and black
so to exaggerate the threat so we know what we're after
when we're done switching paths we'll be flowing in rapture
knowing once in the past we was holding the map to
Eden, eating what was free in a glorious pasture
what's stopping you and me is the sorriest masters
mocking who we be like a thorn in our asses
i'm bout to beat 'em like Inglorious Basterds
faster with the facts like the whore in the pastor
20 thousand dead like a quarry of caskets
i just read an article, "Explorers in Action:
Boy Scouts Fight Terrorists and Usher in Fascists"
forget that rational trash,
stick that pacifist crap inside a package that's wrapped and says
"ATTENTION: contained within is valuable axioms (how to act) to be opened up after the crash."

this is real fight music
wake up!
you're late for school and life too, kid
help us!
recognize truth.
we at war. if you don't all fight, we might lose.
this is real fight music
you're late!
wake up and save a life too, kid
help us!
propagate truth
we at war. if we don't all fight, we might lose. (2x)
Track Name: Animal
we be trapped in a human zoo
if you read more d. morris you'd see too
they just feed more greed for us, who eats food?
we are fiend-whores, sleep more than QE2

we ain't awake to the deeds we do,
the dudes we doom
with kids wearing BDUs
TV tube defeats thinking, we leak drool
we're left numb, dumbstuck with the greasy gruel

the truth is we ain't even people, shoot
i'm a beast, so are you, are we free or fools?
we've completely fused our freak gene pool
with machines.
what a dumb thing to do.

robots ain't got nothing different
we're just got cogs and gears in the system
and y'all don't want to hear what i'm spitting
but that's all right
y'all feeling the rhythm, dance.

(i change shapes just to hide in this place but i'm still animal.
nobody knows it but me, when i slip, yeah, i'm still an animal.)

it's so sick how we stick with the dominance
we're so thick we insist we are commoners
we won't admit we could fix what is wrong with us
we exist amidst broke promises

y'all should be so pissed cause they conquered us
y'all just sit smoke drink watching monitors
i been thinking we'd escape from this holocaust
i been thinking if we can't maybe all is lost

i been worried for a while cause these people
lie and be deceitful, why they gotta be so violent and evil?
how we gonna beat colonizers if we're weak, though?
tiger's gonna eat us

i could be a hero, i could be a quake
i could be asleep or i could awake
fight like a snake, run away like an antelope
i change shapes like a goddamn animal

we're animals, raised by demons, touched by angels
praised by heathens, caught by slaves, shamed for speaking
i change shapes but i can't help being an animal
you are too. this here: the human zoo
no fear, we'll pull through
them gold fields for my own tooth.
we were free but we been caged
force-fed grains, domesticated
we're in pain. and don't you hate it?
we gotta face it. we're all crazy.
we ain't fight back? we ain't leave?
man, what are we, beasts or fiends?
an animal. thats all i am.
not a god. not a goddamn businessman.
Track Name: Fire Flies
this is what i'm giving.
musical existence.
crucially resistant to the movement of the lizards.
i'm insistent on living different
we can make the fire fly far if we spitting it

what's wrong's wrong but
i'm still confident.
we must trust qigong.
it feels promising.
so i am cognizant of how i'm holding consciousness
i'm wanting you to cop it
i'm the opposite of stolid with it
i got my heart in the cause like i was marcus
always working hard, call me a dog the way i'm barking
they ain't orders when i'm talking marking god up like a product
power comes in pieces, but you best believe it's getting solid

i'm honestly making good with my karma
even though i will admit i still admonish other artists hits
it's because i'm really fond of living on this blue comet
and we all are subconsciously starving it
by the way we live
we take away our kids' right to be alive in a place that ain't wasted
i'm not hating you if y'all don't wanna fight with me
i'm just saying dude, then we all might die quickly.

how could we survive the near third world war
if we thinking that a gear is what the third world's for?
how could we unite against the first tier's poor course
if we can't derive something healing from the earth's force?
if we can't flow with fluid motion holding focus like moses
how could we hope to lead our people like the chosen?
the hocus-pocus ain't bogus if i could open your dome i would try help you see that you always have known this

i'm getting really sick of the slacking that i'm feeling in me while my peers and me wait to attack it
these memes are eating us, breed in us like a maggot, we need to achieve our freedom completely or it won't last, man
and that don't mean it's coming clean or easy, it is feasible but it won't be so neat as they would all have you think
this ain't some overnight oversight over life but it's totally rife and gonna grow and mobilize
we are past the brink.
let's use both our eyes to try to see something new we could use
we ain't gotta buy shoes, food or our booze, dude
we ain't gotta sign off our loot to them fools, too
i'm trying to remind you - we're being ruled through
a sick process
this corpracracy
is just the tip of the ice that we're locked in, see
i ain't right on a lot but you gotta be shocked by the facts that i'm dropping in lines

200 species depleted by our greediness needlessly daily nobody's seeing it better let 'em know
but we ain't beaten, we're eating our only to key to being people, plus your peoples are capable, need to let 'em grow
keep on breathing the vapors of THC cause the studies say it leads to creativity - let it go!
i know they're evil from power but we ain't weak you got prowess and i promise that you gotta just let it show

stay living, man
you don't need a written plan
see the big picture and the niche that you're fitting in
what i'm figuring is happening
we're in a rush tryna get to position to push
but pushing's what we're doing when we're walking
talking to onlookers when we shook 'em with our conversation
say, "be just non-complacent
wake up the cats that you can
be patient
but urgent
i am urging the surge to be emergent
and i'm certain that is
i see 'em hurting mad memes on the radio
that's what i'm saying bro
don't be scared
be driven
like mercedes
this culture is insane and it makes us fucking crazy
but we are not freeing our souls,
we're saving babies
and maybe it won't happe
and everything will crumble
babylon collapse and zion become rubble
maybe i'll be capped
or escape into the jungle
but know whatever happens i'm a soldier in the struggle
and i'm fighting
no guns if obama wanna git me
but i work with qi gung
and it's helping out plenty
they can send their new robotic sentries
fuck it
i'll be fighting for the rest of the century
i breathe bliss
i ain't tryna lie
that's what i mean when i say i make fire fly
Track Name: Your Love (Dance With Me)
every great day i awake to a gracious taste of (your love)
and i'm grateful to be laying facing you in this place when it's late or (early in the morning)
no storms are forming in my thoughts today, i'm okay just gimmie (your love)
and i'll stay with you
and face fools with you
and break rules with you
this is to say you're all i ever wanted.
now i've gone off drunk sans booze, truth: you and your love is a drug i use
you are also a fusion of what i do and what i want
you're a goddess
do you got it?
so you could flaunt it
make 'em all gaga
yeah, you know you hot shit
but you ain't gotta be toxic
you ain't like any other chick that i've met
you're a queen,
i been stopping to think
in my head
you're awesome to me
we got a good thing going and i want it to be
your love that i'm feeling
i am serious,
walking on air most the year now,
really this is eerie shit
you got thoughts that i can't form
your love like water in a sandstorm
takes me through
that's a fact and i may be insane
but i'm saying
that i can't wait to wake with you.
Track Name: Miracles (prod. MarkFader)
cut a line for the year of the ox
by the year of the dragon they'll be fearing the flocks
i mirror the lot - my main medicine is the fox
say, y'all prepare to attack when the shepherd gets dropped

check it out now how i'm seeing miracles
magic flowing over the globe in a spherical pattern
try to catch it and package it, call it rap and spit the fire fast
past all the lines that be wired-tapped
system crashing and i'm hearing it happen
no slacking, brother, i be tryna steer you to action
you get it? higher's where i'm tryna take you cats who be tired,
gonna blast all the liars and at last find a brighter path

the turtle clan call me "yells" for a reason
i'll hurt a man's ears and his self for believing in false memes
and spreading 'em clean just like a sauce, G,
where i'm from, two in the teeth for tryna floss, see,

i be strong-willed but look at what it cost me,
cain's mark on my forehead like a cross,
people staring at me, talking to my mans, say he crazy
maybe that's why i am making noise - cause you ain't be.

so you hate me for carrying the weight
you're ashamed to acknowledge your ability to take from me
i just hate money, cities and the fake stunting.
the palace guards make me really wanna break something,

but i been holding my hate for the summer of rage
and breathing love with my lungs and my face
now i'm stepping towards the destiny based
in our plan, hands high, we gon' chant as we bust down the place:

babylon crumble
babylon fall
miracles done when we break these walls
babylon fire
babylon learn
miracles done, we make babylon burn

mother earth rumble
mother earth call
miracles done when we break these laws
mother earth fire
mother earth turn
miracles done, we make babylon burn

babylon crumble
babylon fall
miracles done when we break these walls
babylon fire
babylon learn
miracles done, we make babylon burn

check it out now how i'm seeing miracles
mad heads fighting for some freedom from the killing fields
wack rappers vying for the mass appeal and silly deals
they don't feel this? fuck 'em. they ain't even real.

so i eat 'em but i'm hungry for another meal
taking on troy revealing my achilles heel
they put your boy in the mire and i'm still here
still spitting facts with the fire and the spirit

you got a rock, you don't pay for an axe
you got a glock, you can try it but i may be too fast
you can flow but your tracks lack facts
ain't saying shit, i been saying they wack

i'm saying, it's zack, filthy rich and bladel who's crack,
recognize truth before you laying on back asleep
we need you, don't be tapping out, please
you gotta help with the miracle feats

so i'll cut a line for the year of the ox
by the year of the dragon they'll be fearing the flocks
i mirror the lot - my main medicine is the fox
say, y'all prepare to attack when the shepherd gets dropped
Track Name: Viva la Vida (prod. Coldplay)
yo, we be stuck again lately, brother, say, "c'est la vida"
so i'm shucking off the crazy stuff, impeding defeatists,
been trying quitting using dumb stuff i don't really need,
and making each of my guns into the steel of a heater.

i be
straight scheming how to freeze all these demons
y'all waiting on a hero, i say let the free people lead us,
feel me - all your fear appears when you think that they'll beat us
if they fit to hit ya, flip 'em, mixing piff with qigong and aikido

we'll greet the sinners grinning, saying how it's nice to meet you,
vying for an aisle to ride up inside your mind and reach you,
slide in sly and silent, defiling babylonic memes
i'll be reciting fire rhymes till y'all up on the creed

dip and let the cities bleed, sip the river, sit and breathe,
eat to be alive - necessities with simple needs
listen, heed,
epiphany is imminent.
you with me?
i'm seeing millions of fists christening victory

the snakes are venomous, let's see if they can mess with us
invest in the men in us, offensive defense set to bust,
all of us are dying; let's be fighters for the dust
we got grave grievances and feats of strength like it was festivus

the so-called masters are all caught up in the travesty of ego,
masses watching just sit back and let the havoc wreak, so
i focus faster as the bastards use their backwards speech
go harder as a martyr,
got a garden, don't you hassle me

they placidly saying, "it's exactly how it has to be.
complacency's great. we don't see the system crashing, B.
relax, Z, actually, this too shall pass in peace.
just grab your chains and follow me back to the pasture, please."

i'm asking, "chief, whose news are you following?
some voodoo or does it have a basis in some knowledge? see,
i was in school, i got polluted like a scholar should be
now i want the truth, not a looser noose to collar-cook me."

i got the proof in my pack if you tryna read
some sages wrote pages way back in time, outlining policies, lately
we been erasing all the senses from us commonly,
bound to end up all bent out of shape just like our bodies be

going out to all the cats who slave for college fees -
what are we, humans or some wannabe commodities?
i don't follow trends that depend upon demolishing our planet
and i'm thinking THAT's what we should be abolishing

let's make a pact - i won't crush my soul and package it, or be so
sociopathic i just big-up how bad i spit,
if that's what rap is, fuck myself like i was wacking it,
i'm sick of sitting in this rotten cheese like a maggot, dig?

the big picture is sicker at the core
it seems impossible we'll rally now and kick it out the door
we're in some stormy seas, but i'm meeting the force
cause somewhere deep inside my head i remember seeing shores

so hands on deck men, we'll soon arrive for war,
everybody let's prepare for what we got in store
release the sheets cause we bout to jibe to port
and take a deep breath cause it provides you with support

back on the attack, viva la vida,
we want our freedom, motherfuckers, take us straight to your leaders.
we'll take the reigns from 'em, break 'em till they fall into pieces,
and tell our children to never this shit be repeated.

viva la vida
y muerte al babylon,
it ain't changed since the days of
the preachings of jesus.
believe it.
this an honest word.
we risk the end of the world.