Zack de la Rouda (2011)

by Zack de la Rouda

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Jonathan Walliser Donald Trump is the only good track on this album glad i only paid a dollar for it but its more than anyone else paid lol
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A Lighter Shade of Green... These songs are from 2010/2011.

Favorites: Man and Wife, Good for the Great, Bad Development


released June 1, 2011

Desaparecidos, Conor Oberst, Matt and Kim, Sap, Donald Trump, Mac Miller, Detail, Lil Wayne, StarGate, Wiz Khalifa, Taylor Gang, Charli Brown, Rebecca Rose, Travis Austin, D.R.O.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Zack de la Rouda Portland, Maine

i write songs and rap about weird stuff like love self-actualization civilization depression anarchism and taoism i like to eat from the garbage even though it's kinda hard to find organic stuff there i spend a lot of time alone somehow i am still releasing music ... more

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Track Name: Man and Wife (prod. Desaparecidos)
Who you faking for?
If you had a plan, who'd you break it for?
We'll never have peace if we're afraid of war,
so what you waiting for? What you waiting for?

When I grab the mic,
I don't have to lie.
I be standing tough for the last in line
and I can carry light,
but with this ladder to climb,
might as well give up on convincing y'all
I'm actually right.
Ain't in that competitive rapping,
y'all can master your rhymes
and crab-bucket till you drastically die -
I ain't apt to comply.
That shit is bad for the mind.
Look, the game is a trap and we're blind.
We're scrapping while they capitalize
on our complacency; we battle while they factionalize.
It's all a waste, we need the planet
but we're still increasing damage. We could handle it;
our generation has to arise.
But they put us out to pastoralize.
We herd each other like the shepherd and the cattle combined.
Just ring the rattle, we'll be happy to follow
like a lamb to the slaughter.
Families fight, man and wife.


So what you waiting for,
a written invitation or a closed door?
Better make a move while your pulse course,
cause I am so sure that if we go forward on this path
we'll be sad ‘cause we've grown soft,
and when we go we'll reflect from post-consciousness
on how we lived and what we did to hold onto this
beautiful vision, like we think we all are living large -
we all are given life:
we all are beaten hard.
Now we only seem to focus on the prison yard,
like who is cool with whom,a
and who is hot or not.
Y'all, do you and go get high and feel awesome.
We are all falling victim to the conflicts
that plague our planet.
We are killers with these habits.
We have seriously sabotaged
everything we haven't wrecked.
Everyone has massive scars
along their shackled necks.
We live our lives in the pen,
wives and men.

Track Name: Good for the Great (prod. Matt and Kim)
What I'm planning would be bad for managers:
All the workers would be certain to dip if I'd commanded them.
The curtains would be perfectly ripped over the canopy,
and this circus would collapse to catastrophe.
What I'm seeing would be evil for leaders:
all the people they needed would be released, and then leave 'em.
They'd be left without peons and free dope;
we'd take freedom and power and leave cheap hope.
What I'm suggesting is a mess for economists:
all these dollars would be worth less than piss if I was running it.
With policies dissolving quick, they'd be sobbing,
“Aw shit. What the fuck we gon' do now? We're all wet.”
What I think would be bad for the kings:
they would bleed if they ain't had underlings.
And everything they stood for would break,
but that'd be good for the great.


It'd be good for the health of Earth's animals,
plants, rocks, rivers and trees,
the whole planet would benefit
from us making civilization stop
(humans included, too. We'd be better off.)
What I want would be awesome for artists and poets,
farmers and lovers and movers would
harness and harvest it fully.
Real change would erase our slavery:
no more rat-race wage-pain facing each of us,
plus, it'd be helpful for the people who do
nothing else but work so that all of us can sleep well,
like coal miners and street-cleaners,
like queens who turn tricks so that their kids can eat dinner.
Yeah, it'd be sweeter
for the sick invalids,
‘cause if we were healthier we'd be diseased less.
It'd be beneficial
for the ecosystems
and the species in 'em
with no pieces missing.

If this stops, it'd be bad for the bad.
Villains would call it evil.
Killers, it'd be make 'em sad.
If this stops, it'd be doom for the snakes,
but it'd be good for the great.
Track Name: How To Live (prod. Detail)
I'm just tryna put the truth up a little higher,

'cause we had a lot of cultures built and fall
they were unsustainable
they couldnt learn how to live
they never learned how to live.

now, we had a lot of cultures, didn't last forever...
we in disaster tryna put it together
how to live, we gotta learn how to live

it's like,
mesopotamia, sumeria, ur, turned to egyptians
and egypt gave birth to the catholics and christians,
tryna fit the damn planet in they hands, almost finished
but we never learned how to live

so if we dig the big picture and try to put it focus,
the life we all living is kinda beyond hopeless.
the cycle so vicious, even if we start over,
we would still be sick, and still wouldn't know
how to live

so excuse me if i'm rudely
telling you what i think i'm really just trying prove that
the misdeveloped paradigm we're working with is stupid
and we gotta learn how to live

we need to figure how to balance
humanity with earth and it's really not a challenge
we managed it at first but then we started to doubt that
we really knew how to live

now we had a lot of cultures built and fall
they were unsustainable
they couldnt learn how to live
we gotta learn how to live

we had a lot of cultures, didn't last forever
now we face disaster tryna put it together
how to live, how to live

we got caught between reality and vision
some of us are starving. we all in a large prison.
thought we was on top? we're lost, beyond sinners
and now we're gonna kill our kids

and i admire your talking nonsense and sitting
just as much as you admire fostering resistance
but that's the problem, nobody else tripping,
need to get up on our feet, i'ma preach if you widdit

cause we had a lot of cultures built and fall
they were unsustainable
they couldnt learn how to live
they never learned how to live

and we had a lot of cultures, didn't last forever
now we face disaster tryna put it together
how to live,
we tryna learn how to live

i got a couple things i'ma tell 'em:
i'd rather have you following god than me, feel it?
the planet's not perfect but honestly all's well
and it's all one, and that was never hard to tell was it?

and i don't mean to rap and sound funny
i just have to get this snap up off my chest like my punches
because i don't think we should what we do,
i think it's dumb, we need to study,
seek the truth, it's not money
we're raw putty
Track Name: Bad Development (prod. StarGate)
yeah, you know what it is
bad development
every thing we make takes violence
it's bad development

this is how we is
everything we build
we build it big
scream, we just living
what we took from the planet was god-given

whether a town or a city i call everything
bad development.
so bring it down from the slums to the kingdom cause it's
bad development.

it's bad development for the whole race
i'm getting scared of it but my bros aint
soon as you hit the club, check them bros face
cold stare at their beer or the T.V. screen
rage inside, my speech forming
but they so high they just go to sleep on it
still i gotta warn 'em, have to yell it,
it's important, talking bout the planet and the problem with it
nobody seem to wanna think on it,
my generation's definitely numb.
deaf and dumb, helen keller
no love for the schools that trained us wrong
i trust that the truth will wake us all

this is how we is
everything we build
we build it big
scream, we just living
what we took from the planet was god-given

whether a town or a city i call everything
bad development.
so bring it down from the slums to the kingdom cause it's
bad development.

i got a call from my lawyer, he said, yo, chill
you never talk bad bout at royalty, for real
but i ain't listening. i just speak slow
fuck development. i'd rather have my freedom, yo
that's what i think, so
i'ma tell the liars
we better stop before we die, you best check what the time is
now it's definite. we won't be old,
we party all the time: weak proles.

this is how we is
everything we build
we build it big
scream, we just living
what we took from the planet was god-given

whether a town or a city i call everything
bad development.
so bring it down from the slums to the kingdom cause it's
bad development.

civilization's unsustainable
and, man, we all live like slaves making payments to
big brother, read "1984," or "brave new world,"
and make war on the war-mongers
we're developing bad
we ain't have to go back in time
but we have to fight
that's real rap
i teach on my tracks 'cause ya need it
the problem with the world is the memes y'all are eating

this is how we is
everything we do
we do it big
scream, we just living
what we took from the planet was god-given

whether a town or a city i call everything
bad development.
so bring it down from the slums to the kingdom cause it's
bad development.
Track Name: Trench Warfare (prod. Charli Brown)
it's life in the battlefield for sure,
but it's a difficult truth to acknowledge.
still, we never feel safe when we asleep, huh?

i always worry when i'm snoring i'm defenseless
like i'll be cornered and run up on by my enemies henchmen
and i'll be thrown up in the pen forever
they'll make me wish that i had never picked this pencil up and wrote this scripture
i woke up this morning to rain pouring through the trench again
i started bailing out my bed before i had my breakfast
damn right, i'm ornery, conditions here is worse than hell
just when they ring the warning bell,
i detect the smell of smoking lime
then i'm blinded by the mortar shells
with just my rifle by my side i die up on the hill
it's like my plans were never finalized, i fought and failed
spent my whole life tryna not get shot and killed
but said, let me get the paper first
i ain't making major changes on my way to work
if everybody stays complacent
how can we reverse the war that we're waging
on ourselves and the planet earth?

that's what we say to ourselves day in and day out.
we live our lives in the battlefield but,
it's a difficult to truth to acknowledge...
but that ain't let us off the hook.
Track Name: Rain Dance ft. Rebecca Rose (prod. Travis Austin)
oh, pray god
rain hard
storm soon gone come

i pray please, god, make it rain harder
till everything is buried deep in that wastewater
we need a big flood to break the thick mud
and wash it down like a round that was paid for us
so be our bartender, we need a long bender
i never want to remember the way it all ended
don't want to know it like noah, i'd rather float in the ocean
and rock poems till the waves wash over me
shit i'm not joking i really am not hoping for another day
making pay as a wage-slave
but i gotta stay positive
cause it's gotta be
just a couple minutes till the system starts toppling, right?
that's what i'm muttering
i'm lost in modernity
done with suffering through the drought
now i'm turning green
my thirst hurts with a burning pain
we need rain in the worst way.
so won't you pray with me?

oh, pray god
rain hard
storm soon gone come

yeah, soon a storm'll come
you better hope you got your doors all boarded up
and where's the architects at?
y'all better build your arks, it's getting dark
and it's gonna start pouring
you know that our prayers done work
cause our work got faith
when our hands touch dirt
we understand our worth
we search our fate
for the land of our birth
to return to the place
of our origin
and get the formula straight
spit the stories back at 'em while we're storming the gates
hit the full reset button
unplug from the game
and get in line with our wild nature. yeah...
that's what i long for
that's what this song's for
it sounds sweet but it needs to be louder
we need to sing more for a rainstorm
we need an encore prayer for a downpour
Track Name: Wake Up! (prod. D.R.O.)
wake up... wake up...
we got moves to make.

wake up, wake up, wake up,
we got moves to make
no, you may not be complacent
for this crucial change
that's why i'm standing on the street
getting branded as a freak
cause i'm scared to be the only one
that's not asleep so wake up
for real i'm carrying the news
yelling hear ye, hear ye
i'm tryna share the truth
but apparently my peer group is real used to illness
so even though i'm sick widdit
they barely move
yelling wake up
stay calm
but keep sounding the alarm
we gon break out the rut that
we been stuck in for so long
we gon take down the towers and be free from our evil
and if shaitan should come
we'll have the power of allah
and then we'll be back in the garden of eden
but before that we gotta stop sleeping.

so wake up .... wake up....
we got moves to make.

we better wake up quick and get aware of all of this
everybody's racist, sexist, agist or apologists
we're living on the razor's edge of liberty in solipsism
face it: y'all are feeling me or following them
and, oddly, i'm the one with not enough plans
not enough zen, no solutions for the problem at hand
i'll be solid as steel in comparison with real slaves who wallow in hell
swallow it well this the red pill:
we are fed till death on the blood of the earth
muttering words that could sound like a prayer
if we sing it
or a battle-cry shot through the air
if we scream it
i'm frantic with the sound that i'm bringing
cause i'm scared to be the only one that's not asleep
so wake up wake up
and you're already awake
better take up take up
the god's cause cause you can't
fake love fake love
unless you're slimy like a snake
damn straight, man, i know you ain't, you wide awake.
Track Name: (Live Like) We're Dying (prod. Kris Allen)
it's like i can't run
i can't light a way
hide behind a fire in my mind i ignite each day
with the lies i find myself tryna reside beside,
i cannot buy you the time, fine.
i'll sit here by the pipelines
admire the spiral, i'm blind
style the shine in my eye
study the violence
watch listen and hear why they're fighting
let 'em feel real, violet smiles and kindness
finally find divine vision
in wine and tight rhythm
i've decided to pick up the tiny pieces
and five pillars
and the twelves jewels
tryna find heaven while i'm sitting here in hell cool
calm and collected
errors all are corrected
on the last day,
need to grab the mic 'cause i'm past late
i'll speak with no lying
if you love life
you need to live like you're dying

we gotta start looking at the hands on the time we been given
if this is all we got then we gotta thinking that
every second counts on a clock that's ticking
we need to live like we're dying
we only got 86,400 seconds in the day
to turn it all around or to throw it all away
gotta tell 'em while we got the chance to say
we need to live like we're dying

you never know which fate might come to pass
you might be flowing in a race then you're stuck in last
you might be pulling for a change when you're struck and gassed
you'll have been rolling okay till that sudden crash
it's something wack but you really won't let go?
run back to the past? no question, yo
just bask in the moment you in
focus and think -
nothing ever is as broke as it seems
there's only peace in my head
though i ain't know how i'm gon' pick up these pieces again
just keep moving. we so blessed
we bleed from our wounds but at least we ain't dead
i'm a priest with the pen
i got faith and i paid for the price, take advice
you'll be pleased with you plans
if you live like today's the last day of your life
Track Name: Connected (prod. Charli Brown)
every single second the message is resurrected like it's heaven-sent.
recognize real from here to mecca.
we're connected.

from mecca to vermont
every single mechanism is connected like a knot
said, we are tied together
our essence is coalescing
and it's echoing
listen to the wisdom in the message

we can get our strength from each other
if we ain't covered, Mother Culture's
poking holes in our composure like it's nothing
but we're always getting power from honor,
there's a balanced economy
and it's gotta be that everything is one

don't forget it
put everybody's heart into your art form
don't try to pretend that independence make you hardcore
give up that pathetic disguise
you know we're all sick,
sore, tired, ready to rise

you're feeling alone
we're not
i'm tryna remind you
we are all perfecting our struggle for survival
we're tethered together
i am here for protection
it's so clear
can you feel the connection?

every single second the message is resurrected like it's heaven-sent.
recognize real from here to mecca.
we're connected.
Track Name: City of Ruins ft. Bruce Springsteen
rise up...

yeah, i know boss,
that's what i'm saying
but every time i talk with 'em they just stay playing with my head
like, "maybe in a day we'll all be dead so we should live it up,
nuts, while we got paper and our bread.
waking up?
nah, i'll be ignorant instead.
and i'll figure out a way to get some women in my bed
on the weekend i'll be in something you could not get in
cause it costs a couple bucks and you ain't got none of them."
yeah, i know, boss
i tell 'em, "that's right.
it's up to me to save your asses in the black night
luckily i got a couple billion in my band with me
fit to spit fire at the villains so they can't git me
though we ain't out you can't doubt
that we on a path
either towards health or disease for the whole planet
it's so clear, no fear, right here is the road plan:
now you could go and fell trees or you could grow plants."
Track Name: Tell 'Em (prod. Sleigh Bells)
it's on and it feels nice
let me tell 'em all god's in the conscience of the whole audience and frogs and field mice
that's all, and it's sealed tight
so be silly, lose hope, keep chilling, lao-tzu
if the bill's right, pay when you realize
while you're here, no fear, be free,
choose life over limb if you gotta keep breathing, dude
honestly you're completely full
if you stopped right now you'd be pleased to cope
you're creased and cool
ready for whatever the weather could throw,
you could send a letter to heaven and let the center know
everybody chasing the cheddar and we are terrified
we ain't need help so much as to care to be alive
y'all crystal clear
hardship is here
if we work we could bring down the pyramids
now face the mirror
and break the gears
no hurt if you think you're a heroine
there's a bell in my head that's been going off
in a cell with a bed and a sawzall
what the hell's in the back of your cerebellum?
truth's there, let me hear when you tell 'em, tell 'em

stay questioning
not focusing on yesterday
cause the hopelessness of changing our fate's too tasty
so i beg, please, god
take it away
cause they feed on faith
like meat on plates
we get eaten
(w)rappers getting thrown away
i hold and wait
smoke to remove the hate
it's all love
i know you know what to say,
tell 'em

damn let me take it in
facts i be facing them
strapped for attack but i'm mastering patience
acting awake but i'm actually waning
practice is lazy, it's back to the basement
when i'm writing i'm fighting back all the liars
they been hiding in your mind but they time is expiring
now i'm firing shots along the wire you watch and sit and think
ready or not?
defending a plot of land
try and get it and die
or die trying, man, i swear to never give up alive
i see with my eyes
fight with song
committed to resisting the system until it's long gone
hit the bong hard, smack to the console
high like the Concorde ask me if I'm home
like Feivel i'm stuck in the west
and i'm wondering what's coming next?
you could bet it's the best of the dystopia that we're in
pressed to the fence we are close to the end
hedging all bets on the brokenest ship
sheets up, bow to the wind
once again we are stuck in a rut like we always have been
empires just get constructed to fail
look in between our legs for ya tail
don't wait or we gon' kick the pail
we unveil
our plan, we gon' try rzarection
all hands held high for ascension
we got lost in the search for worth, we forgot about earth
we supposed to be friends
Track Name: Where Am I? (prod. Face-One)
lovers walk two by two,
doing things lovers do.
they're in love.
where am i?

where am i? somewhere on my path, i hope.
i feel alive but i wonder if i passed my goal
i really try to aspire to be magical
but i'm high off my ass from a bag of dope.
so i choke and i wonder what i'm rapping for?
i ain't mastered what i planned on:
i haven't spoke poems that'll open closed domes with a hook;
i ain't wrote much but i'm still closing the book
cause i focus and look at the path that i'm taking.
i'm real shook cause my mask has been breaking.
i'm real cooked by this awful complacency
all i could do is ask god to be straight with me
lovers walk two by two
i know i love you
but where am i? lost, and afraid.
tryna find the cause of my pain as it starts to rain...

where am i? drunk in a rain storm
bleary-eyed, sunk like my lame heart
there is just a numb void where my pain formed
just another dumb choice that i made wrong
i struck a rather rough course, i'm amazed
that i managed to make it this far
with a beat-up hull, a weak mast
and no knowledge of sailing
i should have known this a task i would probably fail at
my sapped growth is so slovenly, stale, old
all i have is improperly-spelled notes
to walk a mile in my moccasins,
stop and then rob yourself
smack your face
and cry over bottled milk
it's my problem so
why do i feel let down?
it's my stop
but i don't want to touch ground
i finally found you
now i've hit bottom
and it's my life without you.